Electrical Copper Wire 2.5mm2

Electrical Copper Wire 2.5mm2

Electrical Copper Wire 2.5mm2

electrical copper wire


Solid or Standed




ISO9001, CE



Soft Packing, 100m/Roll.

Zhengzhou, China

Product Description

Electrical copper wire 2.5mm2

PVC insulated wires is suitable for laying at the fixed places. It is widely used in connecting of power device, lighting,daily electrical appliance, instrument etc.with AC rated voltage up to and including 450V/750V(U0/U).

The product implement the standards GB/T5023, equivalent to IEC60227.
And it can also be made complying with ASTM, DIN, BS standards etc.
In addition, we can design and manufacture the products as the requirements of customers.

3.Brief construction
1) Conductor: Copper, solid or stranded.
2) Insulation: PVC.
3) No.cores: Single.
4) Size:1.5, 2.5, 4, 6, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 75, 95,120mm2.
5) Color:Optional.
We can design and manufacture wires according to special requirements of customers.

4.Service performance
1) Rated voltage: 450/750V.
2) Long-term working temperature: not be higher than 70°C.
3) When laying the cable, the ambient temperature should not lower than 0°C.
4) Minimum bending radius: Bending radius≥4D as cable overall diameter≤25mm;
Bending radius≥6D as cable overall diameter>25mm.
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