XLPE Cable for Underground Use Power Cable

XLPE Cable for Underground Use Power Cable

XLPE Cable for Underground Use Power Cable






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Product Description


XLPE cable for underground use armored cable can be laid in well,indoor, tunnelsand mines,underground.

XLPE cable for underground use

6~35kV XLPE insulation armour power cable

Cable Construction:

Conductor:Al or Copper Wire

Rated Voltage:6~35kV


Inner sheath:PVC

Armour:SWA(fine or thick galvanized steel wire) ,STA(galvanized steel tape
),AWA(aluminium wire)

Outer Sheath:PVC or PE

XLPE cable Application

XLPE cable of XLPE cable is mainly Can be laid in verticalsection,indoor, tunnelsand mines. cable can bear outer machanic force and very large tractional force.

XLPE cableGeneral Characteristics
XLPE cable is suitable for use in rated AC voltage (Uo / U) 6/6 ~26 / 35kV system transmitting and distributing lines. According to different sheath make ups, they can be used for layingin the air (cable bridges,indoor wall supponts and groove boxes) and in soil (direct burying, cable canals and pipelines, etc.)

XLPE cable has anumber of advantages overpaper insulated and PVC insulated cable.XLPE cable has excellent electric property, mechanical property, high ageing resisting, environmetal stress resisting anti-chemical corrossion, and it is simple construction, using convenient and higher operating of long term temperature.It can be laidwith no drop restriction.Various offlame-retardant andnon-flame retardant XLPE cable can be manufacturedwith three technology
(peroxide, silance and irradiation crosslinking). The flame-retardant cable covers all kinds of low-smoke,low-halogen, low-smoke halogen free,and non-smoke nonhalogenated and three classes ofA, B, C.
Our XLPE cable can be manufactured according to company’s specification which is equivalent to IEC60502,IEC 60 332, and IEC 60 754. Some of indexes are superior to above international standard IEC.Some of special XLPE cable can be manufactured according to the other standards required by customs.
XLPE cable having higher long-term working temperature and greater current rating, at the same environment XLPE cable may be reducedsize (nominal cross-section) 1 or 2 class in comparison with paper and PVC cable. This is not only improve the quality and properties of products, but also reduce cable’s production costs.

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