XLPE 4 Core 95mm2 Power Cable

XLPE 4 Core 95mm2 Power Cable

XLPE 4 Core 95mm2 Power Cable


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Product Description

1  Main Application

XLPE(Cross linked polyethylene) insulated cable functions well for electricity transmission and distribution lines for its excellent electrical and physical properties, including the advantage of simplicity in construction, lightness in weight; convenience in application besides its excellent electrical, thermal, mechanical and anti-chemical corrosion properties.

2  Standards

 GB/12706-2008, IEC60502,IEC 60228,IEC60332 BS 5467,BS 6622 , IS 1554 , IS 7098and ICEA S-66-524 etc.

3  Product Properties

Suitable for power transmission and distribution lines with rated voltage 3.6/6 kV~26/35 kV.

3.1 Rated voltages: 3.6/6 kV~26/35 kV

3.2 The ambient temperature for installation: ≥0ºC

3.3 Maximum conductor temperature in normal operation:≤90ºC

3.4 Max operating temperature of con. When cable short-circuited(5s maximum duration): 250ºC
 XLPE insulated  Power Cables for rated voltages up to and including 3.635

Insulation: XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) rated at 90°c

Assembly : Three screened cores are laid up together ,if necessary filled with non-hygroscopic material compatible with insulation and covered with a layer of PVC sheath
Four core, CU or AL conductor, XLPE insulated, PVC sheathed Power Cable

Type Specification Outer diameter of conductor Nominal thickness of insulation Nominal sheath thickness Approx.outer diameter of cable Approx. Weight of cable
            CU AL
mm2 mm mm mm mm kg/km kg/km
  4×1.5 RE 1.38 0.7 1.8 10.9 157.8 120.5
  4×2.5 RE 1.78 0.7 1.8 11.9 205.1 142.9
  4×4 RE 2.24 0.7 1.8 13.0 272.3 172.8
  4×6 RE 2.76 0.7 1.8 14.2 371.0 221.8
  4×10 CC 3.8 0.7 1.8 16.8 543.9 295.2
  4×16 CC 4.8 0.7 1.8 19.2 787.2 389.2
  4×25 CC 6.0 0.9 1.8 23.0 1188.9 567.1
  4×35 CC 7.0 0.9 1.8 25.4 1577.4 706.9
  4×50 SM 8.0 1.0 1.9 26.1 2134.8 891.2
  4×70 SM 9.5 1.1 2.0 30.1 2931.8 1190.8
  4×95 SM 11.0 1.1 2.1 33.5 3895.1 1532.3

Hongda Cable, established in 2004, with two factories in Henan Province, China, is dedicated into manufacturing a wide range of electric wire and cable with rated voltage from 300 voltage to 36kv. The electric wire and cable are applied to industrial, commercial, and residential use. Including PVC insulated cable, XLPE insulated cable, Aerial Bundle Cable, Control Cable, Bare Overhead Conductor (AAC, AAAC, ACSR, ACAR), PVC or XLPE insulated with sheath or unsheathed electric wires, which are used for power generation, power transmission, power distribution, house wiring, electrical equipment, oil & Gas, marine & shipboard, telecommunication, control & instrumentation, and so on.


    To stay in front, we continually keep expanding our manufacturing facilities and quality control equipment’s for significant scale and the flexibility to fulfill our customer requirements. With continuous effort of improvement to processing and quality management, Hongda Cable is certificated by ISO 9001, CCC (China Compulsory Product Certification). With quality and service, Hongda Cable has been supplying cables for China Railway, Military Residence, Power Station and Substation,

Petrochemical, Hospital, Water Suppliers, Real Estate, Shopping Mall,Smelting and mining industry; For overseas market, Hongda Cable have developed market in North America, Middle East, Asian, Africa, South America, Austria, etc.


With 13 years of development, based on our core values of efficiency, honesty, integrity, and respect for people and the environment, from the heaviest industries to the places closest to hands, Hongda Cable cares every detail and always be here for you.



To develop new products with high technology to meet changing needs of electric industries.

To offer customers a better integrated service including professional technical support and total solution for electric power transmissions.

To meet diversified requirement from our clients and end users.



To be one manufacturer with flexibility on sourcing and supplying based on excellent products and comprehensive solution.

To pave the way for being a manufacturer for global market and takes overseas as main market.

To be a socially-ethical and environmentally-responsible organization with caring community development, employee benefits, and improvement to environment.
Our survice

1. On time within 24 hours.

2. Sample can be supplied in 3 days

3. OEM are available on official & legal authorization .

4. Trial order are available

5. Good after-sale service.

6. Strong technical support (technical data, drawing, etc),cable solutions to your particular requirement.

7. Free sample is available with economic express fee. 

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