Underground Copper PVC Power Cable 600V 3* 250mcm+2/0AWG

Underground Copper PVC Power Cable 600V 3* 250mcm+2/0AWG

Underground Copper PVC Power Cable 600V 3* 250mcm+2/0AWG

Cable 600V 3* 250mcm+2/0AWG

Construction, Underground, Industrial, Power Station

Low and Medium Voltage Cable

AC Cable



Round Wire

Red Copper Wire


Low Voltage XLPE Power Cable


IEC 60502 1 600 / 1000V 70mm 4 Core Copper Cable

99.99% Copper

Wooden Drum


Wooden Drum

4 Core 95mm Copper Cable



Product Description

1.Brief Introduction :

      cable   is  Cu  conductor XLPE  insulated  PVC sheath Electric power cable   for laying buildings,inducts , kin tunnels,direct in ground and under water,.

For laying indoors , in tunnels, in ducts. Able to bear extermal mechanical force but not large pulling forces. Single core cables are impermissible to be laid in magnetic ducts.

 2.Operating characteristics:

Rated power-frequency voltage u0/u:0.6/1 KV

Max permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor 90

Max short-circuit temperature of the conductor shall not exceed (Max 5 seconds duration): cross-section of conductor 300 mm2

     The anbient temperature under installations should not be below 0

     The bending radius of single core cable should not be less than 20 times of the cable diameter ,the bending radius of multi-core cable should not be less than 15 times of the cable diameter

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