Torsade Cable 3X70+54.6+2X16mm2 Aluminum Overhead Cable ABC Conductor Preassemble Cable

Torsade Cable 3X70+54.6+2X16mm2 Aluminum Overhead Cable ABC Conductor Preassemble Cable

Torsade Cable 3X70+54.6+2X16mm2 Aluminum Overhead Cable ABC Conductor Preassemble Cable

JKLY 3X70+54.6+2x16mm2

Construction, Overhead, Industrial, Power Station

Low and Medium Voltage Cable




Round Wire

Aluminum Wire



Yifang Cable






West Africa:Togo,Cote Diva,All Over The World

NFC 33 209 IEC 60502-2

Yifang Cable

Wooden Steel Drum

2.2m drum



Product Description

Torsadé Câble 3X70+54.6+2x16mm² Aluminum Overhead Câble ABC Conductor Préassemblé Cable

The LV cable used for carrying out the work will be of insulated type, pre assembled rated voltage beams 0,6 / 1 kV.
The beam will consist of three phase conductors, a neutral conductor and two public ligHVing conductors (PE). 
Cables insulated conductors
These technical clauses specify the following cables insulated conductors:
– LV conductor cables for lines of LV networks
– LV cable conductors for LV circuit breakers transformers links,
– Cable connection LV drivers of public ligHVing fixtures,
LV networks will consist of insulated cables assembled in bundles composed as follows:
– 3 core phase conductors of an aluminum section 70 mm²
– with carrier neutral conductor core Almelec a section of 54.6 mm²
– with two core public ligHVing conductors aluminum core of a section of 16 mm²
Insulated cable assembled LV network to beam
The cable will meet the French standard NF C 33-209. The souls of the phase conductors and public ligHVing will consist of hardened aluminum son pure hard 3/4 99.5 M, Type 1370 (A5 / L) to the standard NF C 3 1-122, while core of the neutral conductor is formed of son alloy magnesium aluminum silicon, heat-treated, containing approximately 0.5% magnesium and 0.5% silicon.
Each driver of the beam will be insulated with cross-linked polyethylene extruded jacket black meets the dimensional and mechanical characteristics specified in the NFC 33-209 standards.

Fiches Techniques( Câble BT torsadé Alu pour réseau 3×70+ 1×54,6 + 2x16mm²) Unités Données Spécifiques Données proposées
Fabricant   A indiquer YIFANG ELECTRIC GROUP INC.
Type   Préassemblé et Torsadé Préassemblé et Torsadé
Norme   CEI ou équiv. IEC 60502,NFC 33 209
Conducteur phases   Aluminium Aluminium
Isolation   PRC PRC(XLPE)
Tension nominale kV 0,6/1 kV 0,6/1 kV
Tension d’essais : kV    
               Essai de type: 10 10
               Essai de série : 4 4
Tension de tenue au choc 1,2 / 50 μs kV 20 20
Section mm2 3×70 + 54,6 + 2×16 3×70 + 54,6 + 2×16
Charge de rupture neutre porteur daN 1660 1660
Résistance linéique maxi à 20 °C Ω/km 0,443 0,443
Intensité régime permanent air libre 30 °C A 213 213
Température max. âme °C 70 90(70 si exigence acheteur)
Diamètre approximatif de la torsade mm 38,0 38.0
Masse approximatif  Kg/km 1100 1100
Chute de tension cos (phi) = 0.8 V/A/km 0,87 0,56 (0,87 si exigence acheteur)
Couleur isolation Noir et lisse Noir et lisse

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