Sterling Pure Silver Alloy Wires Electrical Silver Coated Copper Wire

Sterling Pure Silver Alloy Wires Electrical Silver Coated Copper Wire

Sterling Pure Silver Alloy Wires Electrical Silver Coated Copper Wire





Silver Coated Copper Wire



Round Wire


ISO9001, CE, CCC, RoHS


Jb/T 3135-2011,ASTM B298-12

AG98al2: 98%Silver 2% Aluminium

Min 1.626


Spool 200mm*250mm*200mm


Packed in Reels


Zhengzhou, China


Product Description

Sterling Pure Silver Alloy Wires Electrical Silver Coated Copper Wire

1. standard Silver Coated Copper Wire:
JB/T 3135-2011 Silver coated annealed round copper wire.
ASTM B298-12 Standard Specification for Silver-Coated Soft or Annealed Copper Wire.
Silver Coating: uniform,continous,good adhension.
Surface Finish:The surface of silver coated copper wire is bright,continous and free from harmful defects such as silver grains,burr,mechanical damange.
Joints:One single strand wire each reel. No joints
Advantage:1.High conductivity; 2.High corrosion resistance;
Silver coated copper wire mainly used in High Frequency,wide frequency and high power signal transmission;Microelectronics and superfine electronic wire In these industries such as Electrical wire and cable,electronics,computer,medical treatment,communications,aerospace,military industry, silver coated copper wire has been used widely.

2.Specification of Ag-Al series Aluminum-Silver alloy wire:
Ag98Al2: 98%silver 2% aluminium
Ag95Al5: 95%silver 5% aluminium
Ag90Al10: 90%silver 10% aluminium
Ag5Al95: 5% sliver 95%aluminium
Ag2Al92: 2% sliver 98%aluminium
Diameter:above 0.5mm
Packing:500g or 1kg per spool.
Features of silver Aluminum alloy wire
Excellent solderability, short wetting time
Uniform distrbution of rosin, good continuity
Low fume, free of odor and harmful valatile gases
Bright and tidy spool
Detailed Product Description
lead free solder wire, no clean solder wire. Our prodct is SGS certificated and passed RoHs.
advantage of silver Aluminum alloy wire
1.Even and bright soldering spot
2.favorable diffusion & welding performance
3.minimum spattering, small smoking & no pungent smell corrosion
5.lowest and clear flux residue
6.non-conductive, Good insulating properties
Diameter available
0.5mm~5mm (According to customer’s requirements)
Application of silver Aluminum alloy wire
silver-aluminium alloy wire can be used for Anticorrosion industry such as the steel structure surface anticorrosion, the container, the bridge, the derrick, the storage tank, the electric power iron tower, Power Tower, the capacitor, metal stent, ductile cast iron pipes,transportation equipment,etc.

3.Pure Silver Alloy Wires, silver winding wire

Material Composition Density g/cm3 Resistivity μΩ. cm Hardness HV kg/mm3
Ag more than99.5 more than10.49 lessthan1.6 30–70

Specification of Pure Silver Wires

Item Name high purity Silver Wires for Coating 99.5% silver Wire
Purity 99.5%;
Shape Wire, According to your request
Available size φ0.025mm-10.0mm Customization is available
Certificates ISO9001:2008, SGS, The third test report
Technics Vacuum Melting, Patented thermo-mechanical process
Application Widely used in coating processing industries
A: Solar Photovoltaic Application.
B: Electronic and Semiconductor Application.
C: Decoration and Coating Application. etc.

Feature of silver alloy wire:

category Pure silver wire
Resistivity Min 1.626
conductivity Min 106
Density 10.53
Tensile strength 170-220
when drawing 1% yield strength 110-150
package detail spool 200mm*250mm*200mm

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