Sgld Series 380V Automatic Change-Over Switch (ATS) From 100A to 3200A

Sgld Series 380V Automatic Change-Over Switch (ATS) From 100A to 3200A

Sgld Series 380V Automatic Change-Over Switch (ATS) From 100A to 3200A


3 Year



CCC, CE, ISO9001

Load Isolation Switch




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Product Description

  SGLD Series 380V Automatic Change-over Switch (ATS) from 100A to 3200A

SGLD The load isolation switch is suitable for the changeover of two sets of low voltage electric circuit or the change over of 2 sets of load devices or safety isolation.

Item                     SGLZ100A 160A  250A 630A 1600A 3200A        

Rating amper


Rating voltage


Frequency 50/60HZ
Poles 3/4 P
Copper bridge order separately
Protection range IP65

1) International standard: IEC 60947-1(1998), IEC 60947-3(1999)
 National standard: GB/14048.1-2000,GB/T14048.3-2002

2)mode of operation
direct operation:handle is installed on the switch
operation outside the board:handle is installed outside the door of power distributing board.

3) products with observation windows can be proveded according to the demand to observe directly the on and off state of contact

4)the products have three poles, four poles(three poles+on and off neural pole)

5)extended shaft is used for the operation outside the board

6)two sets of auiliary contacts can be assmebled according to the demand

7)mechanical performance and electrical performance correspond to the mecnanical property of GLOGZ1 -80A~3150A

8)A bridge can provided to connect the inlet or outle terminal of the switch

9)the electric cable insulating cover can be assenbled
Note:The bridge connection is chosen, an explanation is needed to indicate the inlet or outlrt is connected with it.

Working Condition

1)the altitude is not more than 2000meters;

2)enviroment temperature is between -5°c-40°c;

3)the relative humidity is not more than 95%;

4)places without explosive dangerous medium; 

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