Safe 0.6/1kv PVC Cable/ VV

Safe 0.6/1kv PVC Cable/ VV

Safe 0.6/1kv PVC Cable/ VV

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Product Description

Safe 0.6/1kv PVC Cable/ VV

1. Standard and Scope of Application
The power cable can be produced and supplied according to IEC60502, also can manufacture the products that are based on BS and other standards. In addition, under customers’ requirement, we can design and manufacture the products that have special performance. The power cable are used in fixed laying on transmission and distribution electrical lines of 50Hz AC rated voltage up to 6kv.

2. Property for Using
1. The long-time permissible working temperature of cable conductive core is not more than 70° C.
2. During short circuit(max. Lasting time is not more than 5 seconds), the max. Temperature of cable conductor is not more than 165° C.
3. They have good chemical stability, and properties of acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and flame resistance.

3. Technical Requirement(Type and Name)
Type Name
VV(VLV) Copper(Aluminum)Conductor PVC Insulated and Sheathed Power Cable
VY(VLY) Copper(Aluminum)Conductor PVC Insulated, PE Sheathed Power Cable
VV22(VLV22) Copper(Aluminum)Conductor PVC Insulated, STA, PVC Sheathed Power Cable
VV23(VLV23) Copper(Aluminum)Conductor PVC Insulated, STA, PE Sheathed Power Cable
VV32(VLV32) Copper(Aluminum)Conductor PVC Insulated, SWA, PVC Sheathed Power Cable
VV33(VLV33) Copper(Aluminum)Conductor PVC Insulated, SWA, PE Sheathed Power Cable

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