PA 1500 Tension Dead End Clamp

PA 1500 Tension Dead End Clamp

PA 1500 Tension Dead End Clamp




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Product Description

                  PA1500 ABC Cable Aerial Electrical Fittings Anchoring Connector

 The anchoring clamp is designed to anchor LVABC lines with insulated neutral messenger.
 The stainlessteel flexible bail is equipped with an movable insulating saddle and the  two sleeves are compressed on the ends and locked on the clamp body. 

 1.High mechanical stability
 2. Reduced dimensions for easier handling
 3. The cable gripping device avoids damage to sheath


MODEL CROSS-SECTION( mm2) Destructive
PA1500 25-50 10-13KN

(Performance testing) 
2.1 Mechanical performance:the grip force of the wire clamp is 1/10 bigger than the break force of the lead. It comply with GB2314-1997 
2.2 Temperature rise performance: under the conditìon of big current, the temperature rise of connector is less than that of connection lead.
2.3 Heat circle performance:confirms to GB/T2317.3-2000,the beat circle trial standard for electric fitting. 
2.4 Waterproof insulatìon performance:confirms to the relevant requirements in Part 2 of GB/TI3140.4-1998, 
2.5 Resistance to corrosion performance: under the conditìon of SO, and salt fog, it can do three tìmes of fourteen days circle testìng. 
2.6 Environmental aging performance:under the circumstance of ultraviolet, radiation, dry and moist, expose if with change of temperature and beat impulse for six weeks. 
2.7 Fire-proof performance: insulation material of the connector withstands glowing filament test. Confirm to the requirements in Chapter4-1 0 of GBrr5169.4

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