Overhead Bare 6201 AAAC Aluminum Conductor Cairo

Overhead Bare 6201 AAAC Aluminum Conductor Cairo

Overhead Bare 6201 AAAC Aluminum Conductor Cairo


Construction, Overhead, Industrial, Power Station

High Voltage Cable




Round Wire









Steel-Wood Drum

465.4 MCM



Product Description

ASTM B399: Standard Specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum-Alloy 6201-T81 Conductors
ASTM B398: Standard Specification for Aluminum-Alloy 6201-T81 and 6201-T83 Wire for Electrical Purposes

This overhead bare aaac aluminum conductor Cairo is used in high voltage overhead power transmission lines. Compared with ACSR conductor of the same diameter, AAAC has smaller linear mass without reducing the tensile strength.

Product Details
1) Conductor: stranded 6201 aluminum alloy, 19/3.98mm
2) Sectional area: 465.4 MCM (235.8 mm2)
2) Overall diameter: 19.88mm
4) Approx. weight: 650 kg/km
5) Min. breaking load: 69.48 kN
6) Property of aluminum alloy wires

Diameter (mm) Min. tensile strength (MPa) Elongation
Over Through Average Individual %
3.25 4.75 315 305 3.0
1.50 3.25 330 315 3.0

Other bare conductors available

Code Description Standard
AAAC All aluminum alloy conductor BS EN 50182, DIN 48201, ASTM B399, IEC 61089
ACSR Aluminum conductor steel reinforced BS 215-2, DIN 48204, IEC 61089, ASTM B232
AAC All aluminum conductor DIN 48201, BS 215-1, IEC 61089, ASTM B231
ACAR Aluminum conductor alloy reinforced BS EN 50182, ASTM B524
ACSS Aluminum conductor steel supported ASTM B856
ACSS/TW Aluminum conductor steel supported shaped wire ASTM B857

Packaging details

Polyethylene film packaging
1) Usually used for cables with an overall diameter 10mm and below
2) 100 meters per roll or as per customer’s requirements
3) Packaging dimension: 50cm * 50cm * 20cm or below
4) Weight: 30 kg/roll or below
Steel-wood drum packaging
1) Used for cables with a overall diameter of 10mm and above
2) Drum size: 180cm * 180cm *110cm (different sizes are available according to packaging length)
3) Standard length: as per customer’s requirements.

Customer service
1) Select the right cable as per customer’s requirements
2) Design suitable packaging to guarantee safe and the most economic delivery
3) Provide installation and use guidance
4) Product quality guarantee under the normal use

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