Mv Cable, 0.6/1kv, PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable.

Mv Cable, 0.6/1kv, PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable.

Mv Cable, 0.6/1kv, PVC Insulated PVC Sheathed Power Cable.


Power Grid, Transmission Line, Construction, Railw

XLPE, PVC etc.


Round Wire

ISO9001,ISO14001, CCC, Ce



0.5-630 mm2

Guangdong, China

Product Description

Construction Sketch 

1. Conductor 
2. Fire-resistant tape (if there are requirements of fire-resistance)
3. Insulation 
4. Filler of fire-resistant material (if there are requirements of fire-resistance)
5. Wrapping tape 
6. Inner sheath
7. Armor
8. Outer sheath

Characteristics and Applications of the Products
PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable has the advantage of not only good electrical properties and chemical stability, but also simple construction and convenient to use. It applies to the electrical power transmission and distribution lines with A.C.rate voltage U0/U up and including 0.6/1kv.

The main features of the the flame retardant power cable is hard to get fire or that the continuous burning of cables is very limited when it is on fire. It applies to power-generated station, subway, tunnel, high-storey building, large-size factory and mines, oil field and coal mine with many cables laid tightly together.

Fire-resistance cable can operate normally for some time when it is burning except that it can transmit electrical power under normal condition. It is used in the places such as nuclear power station, subway, tunnel, high-storey building and other places concerning to fire security and its life saving.  


1. The rated voltage U0/U is 0.6/1kv
2. Maximum conductor temperature under normal operation is 70ºC.
3. Maximum conductor temperature under short circuit (max duration is not more than 5s) is not more than 160ºC.
4. Minimum Installation ambient temperature is not less than 0ºC.
    Installation bending radius are not less than the following specified values:

   Single core non-armored cable: 20D
   Single core armored cable: 15D
   3 cores non-armored cable: 15D
   3 cores armored cable: 12D
  (Note: D-outer diameter of cable)

Main Technical Parameter

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