Multicore PVC Jacket Flexible Control Cable

Multicore PVC Jacket Flexible Control Cable

Multicore PVC Jacket Flexible Control Cable

Low Voltage




Round Wire





Wooden or Iron Drum or as Customer's Requirement.

Henan, China (Mainland)

Product Description

Multicore PVC Jacket Flexible Control Cable



(1)Copper conductor
(2)PVC insulation
(3)PVC sheathed
(4)Copper wire woven shield/copper tape wrapped/unarmored/steel tape armored


Applied for AC rated voltage of and less than 450/750V control,pilot and protection circuit as signal,direction transmitting lines of electric instruments and automatic control system. 

Service Conditions

(1)The long-time working temperature of conductor of PVC insulated cable is 70

The long-time working temperature of conductor of XLPE insulated cable is 90

(2)The temperature for laying the cables can not be lower than 0.Permissible bending radius(r):unarmoured cable:r≥6D;(D: outer diameter of the cable);armoured or copper-tape screened cable:r≥12D;shielded flexible cable:r≥6D

Type of Cable

Type Detailed Description  of Type Scope of utility
PVC insulated XLPE insulated Flame-retardant Type
PVC insulated XLPE insulated
KVV KYJV ZR-KVV ZR-KYJV PVC sheathed control cable For laying indoors,in tunnels,or cable trench,or direct in ground
KVVP KYJVP ZR-KVVP ZR-KYJVP PVC sheathed copper wire braid shield control cable For laying indoors,in tunnels,or cable trench, direct in ground,stationary places needing shield
KVVP2 KYJVP2 ZR-KVVP2 ZR-KYJVP2 PVC sheathed copper tape wrapped shield control cable
KVVP3 KYJVP3 ZR-KVVP3 ZR-KYJVP3 PVC sheathed Al/Plastic  wrapped shield control cable
KVV22 KYJV22 ZR-KVV22 ZR-KYJV22 PVC sheathed double steel tape armored control cable For laying indoors,in tunnels,or direct in ground,be able to bear external mechanical force and certain pulling force
KVVR KYJVR ZR-KVVR ZR-KYJVR PVC sheathed flexible control cable For laying indoors,mobile place requiring softness (and shield)
KVVRP KYJVRP ZR-KVVRP ZR-KYJVRP PVC sheathed copper wire braid shield flexible control cable
Remarks:w KYJV hen flame-retardant types to be identified ,the code ZR should be changed into ZA,AB,ZC.


Product Pictures


The factory and equipment

We have experienced engineers and technicians and excellent equipment to guarantee the quality of our products.


Mechanical testing of Cables is done to determine the quality and mechanical characteristics  before delivery.


Company Information

Jinshui Wire & Cable Group is located in the national class Zhengzhou high and new technology industries development zone in Zhengzhou, which is full of famous enterprises with a graceful and elegant environment. With abundant human resources, expedite transportation network, widespread scientific research institutions, sophisticated technical support and superior geographic location which is richly endowed by nature.

Jinshui Wire & Cable Group is also a key company of high and new technology industry on state level in China. With strong capabilities of R&D and innovation Jinshui Wire & Cable Group has owned a number of exclusive essential manufacture technologies and has passed the certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001 Occupational Heath Management System, ISO10012 Measurement Management System and others from China and abroad.


The Fair

We have an excellent business team to attend the international exhibition.


Our Advantage

Abundant experience as first exporter of Henan Province;

15 years experience of manufacturing ; 

cover 50 countries of marketing;

well-controlled qualitiy;

thoughtful after-sale service as well as VERY competitive price.


We are always waiting for your visit!


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