Medium Voltage PVC/XLPE Insulated Power Copper Cable

Medium Voltage PVC/XLPE Insulated Power Copper Cable

Medium Voltage PVC/XLPE Insulated Power Copper Cable

0.6/1KV pvc/xlpe insulated power cable 5x4mm2

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Medium Voltage


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Product Description

Medium Voltage PVC/XLPE Insulated Power Copper Cable 

Characteristics and Applications:

Low voltage pvc insulated power cable 5x4mm2 has the advantages of not only high mechanical strength, good ambient stress resistance, good electrical properties and anti-chemical corrosion, but also simple construction, light weight and convenient to use. It applies to electrical power transmission and distribution lines with A.C. rated voltage U0/U up to and including 0.6/1 kilovolts.


Operating characteristics: 

(1) Rated voltage U0/U is 0.6/1 kilovolts.

(2) Maximum rated temperature of cable conductor is 90

(3) Maximum conductor temperature is lower than 250 when cable is shorted for less than 5 seconds. 

(4) Ambient temperature is not lower than 0 and its minimum bending radius is as follows when cable is installed: for single-core calbe-20(D+d), unit: millimeter for multi-core cable-15(D+d), unit: millimeter


Note: D denotes the overall diameter of cable, while means the nominal diameter of the main conductor, unit: millimeter.

Technical Parameter:

Calculation condition of the ampacity ambient temperature is 25

conductor working temperature is 90

soil heat resulted from water migration when it operates continuously.

gap between axis of cable and surface of ground is 1000 millimeter when it is laid in ground.  

for multi-core cable, gap of axis of cable is 3 times O.D.


Cores and sections:

1,  2,  3,  3+1,   3+2,   3+3,  4,   4+1,    4+2,  5 and so on.


 Nominal Cross-sectional Areas

1.5 mm2 , 2.5 mm,4 mm2 , 6 mm2 , 10 mm, 16 mm2 ,25 mm, 35 mm2 , 50 mm,70 mm,

95 mm,120 mm,150 mm2 ,185 mm,240 mm2 ,300 mm  400 mm2  , 500 mm2  ,   630 mm2  , 

800 mm2


 Production range:

Single core cable: from 1.5 mmto 800 mm2,

Multi-core cable: from 1.5 mm2 to 400 mm2


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