Manufacture Rubber Construction Cable and PVC Sheathed Cable XLPE Insulated Electrical Cable Three Phase

Manufacture Rubber Construction Cable and PVC Sheathed Cable XLPE Insulated Electrical Cable Three Phase

Manufacture Rubber Construction Cable and PVC Sheathed Cable XLPE Insulated Electrical Cable Three Phase

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Product Description

Product Description

Used for power transmission and distribution line with voltage rated at 35kV and below.In comparison with PVC Insulated Power Cable, xlpe power cable boasts not only characteristics of excellent electricity, mechanism, heat and aging-resistant, environment stress-resistant and chemical corrosion-resistant, but also simple structure, light weight, no restriction by laying drop, and high temperature allowance for long-term working

the conductor can be copper or aluminium; be strands, solid, flexible

the insualtion is PVC

the Jacket/Sheath is PVC

armored or without armored

armoured material: can be steel tape(sta) or steel wire(swa) or others as your request!

the recommended nominal cross section is from 1.5 sq mm to 630 sqmm

the core number can be single or multi

the Voltage is 0.6/1kV

The long-time working temperature of cable should not be higher than 70 celsius

When core is in short-circuit(max 5s) the temperature should not be exceed 160 celsius

While installation the ambient temperature should not be lower than 0 celsius

Low voltage cable power cable:0.6/1kV

Number of the cores: Single core,2cores,3cores,4cores,5cores,3+1cores,3+2cors,4+1cores.

Conductor: copper or aluminium


Steel tape armored or steel wire armored or unarmored

PVC or PE outer sheath power cable.

Medium voltage cabel power cable:


Conductor long-time operating temperature is 90 degrees.

In short circuit, conductor highest temperature should be not more than 250 degrees.

Number of the cores:Single core and 3 cores

Conductor:copper or aluminium


Copper tape or copper wire screen

Unarmoured and armoured(Steel tape and steel wire armored)

1: Brief Introduction

PVC/XLPE power cable is 0.6/1KV Copper conductor 15mm2,25mm2,35mm2,45mm2,electric PVC armoured underground power cable,XLPE dc power cable used to transmit and distribute power in power transmission and distribution system of 35kV or lower. It is generally applied to the fields including power, construction, mines, metallurgy, petrochemical industry and communication in complete replace of oil immersed paper insulated power cable and in partial replace of PVC insulated power cable.

2:Main application

The product is suitable for use in power distribution lines or fixed installation

with rated power frequency voltage up to and including 35KV.

3.Properties of XLPE Power Cable

1.The highest allowed operating temperature of conductor for long-term working is 90 degrees.

2.In short circuit (Max long term is no more than 5 seconds). The highest

temperature for conductor is no more than 250 degrees.

3.The cable is laid without horizontal drop limit. The environment

temperature should be no lower than 0 when lay. Otherwise it should be preheated.

4.Excellent electrical performance, resistance to chemical corrosion.

5.Can stand advisable traction when laid.Can stand traction from Outside.

Left low smoke halogen-free after burned.Retard the burning of the cable.


1.The products can be produced according to our factory specification

which is equivalent to the standard IEC60502.

2.The factory can also design and manufacture special power cable according

to the other standards required by the customers.

5.Properties of PVC Power Cable

1.The long-time permissible working temperature of cable conductive core

is not more than 70 degrees.

2.During short circuit (max permanent time is not more than 5 seconds),

the max temperature of cable conductor is not more than 165°C.
3.The difference level of laying cable is not restricted.When laying the cable,

ambient temperature is not lower than 0°C.
4.They have good chemical stability,and properties of acid resistance,

alkali resistance,salt resistance,oil resistance,solvent resistance and flame resistance.

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