Low Voltage XLPE Power Cable PVC Power Armour Cable

Low Voltage XLPE Power Cable PVC Power Armour Cable

Low Voltage XLPE Power Cable PVC Power Armour Cable

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Product Description

low voltage XLPE insulation PVC sheath power cable

1.Standard : According to GB12706( Equal to IEC60502)Also can do by standard of ASTM,BS,DIN and AS/NZS or other standards as request.

2. Rated Voltage :

0.6/1KV 6/10KV;8.7/15KV;12/20KV;18/20KV;21/35KV;6/35KV

3. Construction :

Conductor:Copper or Aluminum


Inner sheath:PVC or PE

Armoured:Galvanized steel tape,Galvanized steel wire

Outer Sheath:PVC or PE

NO. of cable cross: 1 core(Single core),2cores(Double cores),3cores, 4cores(4 equal-section-area cores 

OR 3 equal-section-area+1 small section area neutral core),5cores(5 3 equal-section-area cores+2 small 

area neutral cores OR 4 equal-section-area +1 small area neutral cores).We provide armored type and 

non-armored type for the cables stated above.

Also can do according to the customer’s request.

4. Characters :

a.Max Long-time operating temperature of PVC insulated cable is 70°C,XLPE 90°C

b.Installing temperature of cable should not be less than 0°C

c.Max short-circuit temperature is:PVC not exceed 160°C,XLPE 250°C,Not more than5 Sec.

d.Permitting bending radius cable: Not less than 10 D times (D:external diameter of cable)

e.Perfect chemical stability, resistant against acids, alkali, grease and organic solvents, and flamer retardant

5. Description & Application

                     TYPE              NAME               Main Application
     CU core       AL core    
       YJV/YJY   YJLV/YJLY XLPE insulated,PVC/PE sheathed power cable For laying indoor ,tunnel,canal and underground.Unable to bear external mechanical forces,but bear the traction force during laid
                           YJV22/YJV23   YJLV22/YJLV23 XLPE insulated,steel tape armored,PVC/PE sheathed power cable For laying indoor ,tunnel,canal and underground.Able to bear external mechanical forces,but unable to bear large pulling force
   YJV32/YJV33  YJLV32/YJLV33 XLPE insulated,thin steel wire armored,PVC/PE sheathed power cable For laying in shaft,water underground will large difference of level.Able to bear external mechanical forces and moderate pulling force
    YJV42/YJV43   YJLV42/YJLV43


XLPE insulated,thick steel wire armored,PVC/PE sheathed power cable


For laying in water and seabed.Able to bear positive pressure and pulling force


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 Henan Hongda Cable Co., Ltd. located in No. 3, Changping Road, ZhanDian District, Jiaozuo, Wuzhi. Our factroy established in March of 2004. Our owns registered capital of RMB Fifty-one million six hundred and eighty thousand. Hongda Cable
covers an area of 100,000 square meters, including 50,000 square meters of building area. We have more than 120 staff members and professional workers. our fixed assets of 90,000,000. We can provide more than 100 varieties, tens of thousands of specifications of wire and cable, with 10000 km annual production capacity
    Henan Hongda Cable Co. Ltd. is the original Zhengzhou Hongda Cable Co. Ltd. established enterprise expansion. The company is committed to system R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing and service of cable products,We mainly aim at managing cross-linking XLPE insulated power cables, PVC insulated power cables, plastic insulated control cables, insulated overhead cables, and stranded aluminum and ACSR. At present, the cables’ biggest cross area is 800 square meters with a maximum electric power of 35KV. The company has more than 300 (sets) domestic and oversea-leading production and testing equipment.
Packing and Transportation

We provide you with the best product packaging design services, thereby allowing you to save more shipping charges

  Q: Are you the factory or the trading company?
   A: We are the factory. 
  Q: How long is your guarantee Period?
   A: We uaually offer 1 year guarantee for our general products.
  Q: How can I get the samples?
   A: We can make the sample order. And usually we will charge for it. 
       But the samples fee will be return to you when you make the bulk order.
  Q: Where is your factory? How can we visit your factory?
   A: Our factory located in Zhengzhou city, Henan Province. You could reach here by train and by air.
       We can pick you up in the airport and the railway station.
  Q; What is your MOQ?
   A: It`s base on the cable type or wire type. Please contact me. We will let you know.

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