Low Voltage Steel Wire Armor XLPE Power Cable

Low Voltage Steel Wire Armor XLPE Power Cable

Low Voltage Steel Wire Armor XLPE Power Cable

LV steel wire armor XLPE power cable

Construction, Underground, Industrial, Power Station


AC Cable



Round Wire

Aluminium Conductor or aluminium Alloy






Wood Packing by Sea

1000meter per drum



Product Description


XLPE insulated power cable
XLPE insulated low voltage power cable
XLPE insulated medium voltage power cable
XLPE insulated PE/PVC sheathed armored power cable
XLPE insulated fire resistant power cable
XLPE insulated power cable has a number of advantages over paper insulated and PVC insulated cable. XLPE power cable has high electric strength, mechanical strength, high-ageing resisting, environmental stress resisting anti-chemical corrosion, and it is simple construction, using convenient and higher operating of long term temperature. It can be laid with no drop restriction.
The flame-retardant and non-flame retardant XLPE cable can be manufactured with three technologies (peroxide, silane and irradiation cross-linking). The flame-retardant cable covers all kinds of low-smoke low-halogen low-smoke halogen free, and non-smoke non-halogenated and three classes of A, B,C.
Product Description:
1. Conductors: copper or aluminum.
2. Both armored and non-armored type power cables are available.
3. Voltage rating: 0.6/1kV 3.6/6kV 6/10kV 8.7/15kV 26/35kV.
4. PVC or PE sheathed.
5. Number of cable cores: one core (Single core), two cores(Double cores), three cores,
Four cores (Four Equal-section-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and one smaller section area neutral core),
Five cores (Five equal-area cores or three equal-section-area cores and two smaller section area neutral cores).
6. Standards: IEC 60502. IEC, BS, DIN, ASTM, CSA, NFC, AS, GOST etc. Or other special characteristics as customers request.

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