Interlocking Armored Cable Mc-Hl

Interlocking Armored Cable Mc-Hl

Interlocking Armored Cable Mc-Hl

Low and Medium Voltage Cable




Product Description

0.6/1KV Interlocking Armored Cable MC Cable

1. Application

Interlocking armored cable / MC Cable is suitable for use as follows:

Branch, feeder and service power distribution in commercial, industrial, institutional, and multi-residential buildings.

2.  Construction:

Conductor: copper or aluminum

Insulation: PVC /nylon over coated type THHN/THWN-2

Size: 14AWG-1000kcmil

Voltage: 600V

Cores: 2-5 cores

Amour: Overall aluminum interlocked tape armor

3. Characteristic

MC cable has a solid or stranded soft drawn bare copper with PVC /nylon over coated type THHN/THWN-2 insulation ,with a green insulated ground conductor.MC cable temperature rating is 90ºC dry / 75ºC wet .The conductors are cabled together with a Mylar tape. It solves the special requirements of safety, anti-rust, anti-pull, bending and anti-external mechanical force of the cable in the use of its particular system, which greatly improves the safety of the use of the system. The excellent performance of all parts of the material, the finished cable in the resistance to corrosion, safety, resistance to pressure, bending and other characteristics of the use of performance have been excellent to meet the relevant power lines and other operational needs. The cable directly buried in the building wall, and the traditional wiring (wires buried in the wall has been buried within the plastic tube) there is a fundamental difference between the laying of convenient.


UL1569,UL83,UL1581, CSA C22.2NO.51

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