IEC Standard 3*25+25mm2 ABC Srevice Drop Cable

IEC Standard 3*25+25mm2 ABC Srevice Drop Cable

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IEC Standard 3*25+25mm2 ABC Srevice Drop Cable


Hnbf Cable

ISO9001, CE, CCC, RoHS


Round Wire


No Sheath





Depending on Your Requirement



1-5 Cores

HNBF Cable

Wooden Drums, Steel-Wooden Drums

6, 10, 16, 25, 35, 50, 70(mm2)



Product Details

Product Details

The cables are designed for aerial power lines and room-entrance wires with AC rated voltage 1kV and below.  ABC cable operation safety factor is high, anti-lightning, anti-electricity theft, anti-leakage effect is obvious. In addition, the cost is obviously lower, more economical and more reasonable. It is widely used in rural areas and other areas where installation is difficult.

Operating Characteristic:

                   Rated voltage                           0.6/1kV        
 Minimum Installation Temperature                           -20ºC
                  Bending Radius overall diameter≤25mm, ≥4D
overall diameter≥25mm, ≥6D

Construction & Picture:

Part of Technical Parameter:

 Nominal area 
   Insulation thickness 
1×16+16 7/1.70 1.30
2×16+16 7/1.70 1.30
3×16+16 7/1.70 1.30
4×16 7/1.70 1.30
1×25+25 7/2.10 1.30
2×25+25 7/2.10 1.30
3×25+25 7/2.10 1.30
4×25 7/2.10 1.30
1×35+35 7/2.50 1.30

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We have the advanced production and testing equipment made from China and abroad countries, completed scientific management system, and mature production technology with strict controlling of raw materials,to provide qualified and reputed products and services for customers. Our Principle is quality first,customer is God, to make them satisfied. Our goal is Baofeng cable, linking globally,to make the worldwide power grid operating safely.


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Manners of packing: Wooden Drum, Steel Wooden Drum or as your requirement.

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5. Free sample is available.
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