Icea S-76-474 ABC Cable Triplex Lepas Shrimp

Icea S-76-474 ABC Cable Triplex Lepas Shrimp

Icea S-76-474 ABC Cable Triplex Lepas Shrimp


Low and Medium Voltage Cable

AC Cable



Aire Bundled Cable(ABC Cable)

Yifang cable

Drum Circles or According to U Request

Iec Bs ASTM DIN CSA as and So on

Zhengzhou, China


Product Description

Aire Bundled Conductor ABC Cable

Product Details:
Insulation Material XLPE
Application Overhead
Conductor Material Aluminum
Type Low Voltage
Place of Origin Henan China
Brand Name YIFANG

Payment & Shipping Terms:
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

1. Application of Aerial Bundle Cable:
Aerial Bundle Cable are used for electric power transmission, extensively used for rebuiding of urban and forest regions. They can improves safety and reliance of electrified wire netting.

2. Type of Aerial Bundle Cable:
Aerial Bundle Cable covers mainly three types:
Two core(Duplex Service Drop)
Three core(Triplex Service Drop)
Four core(Quadruplex Service Drop)
The cable can be produced whose construction is phase conductor with neutral bare conductor or phase conductor with insulated neutral conductor, etc. And we can still produce the cables according to the request of customers.

3. Construction of Aerial Bundle Cable:
Rated voltage 0.6/1kv
Phase conductor: Aluminium conductor
Insulation: PVC or PEe or XLPE
Neutral Bare Conductor: AAC, ACSR, AAAC.ICEA S-76-474


It also has the following properties:

resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
ozone resistance;
high dielectric strength;
lightness and maneuverability.


The requirements of standard NF C 11-201 determine the installation criteria for low-voltage overhead lines.
Their laying in the ground, even under conduit is PROHIBITED.

The torsade comprises an insulated aluminum core crosslinked polyethylene, it has a very good behavior over time and at high temperature.


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