Hot Products 50mm2 70mm2 95mm2 120mm2 CPE Insulation Welding Cable for Welding Mechine Made in China

Hot Products 50mm2 70mm2 95mm2 120mm2 CPE Insulation Welding Cable for Welding Mechine Made in China

Hot Products 50mm2 70mm2 95mm2 120mm2 CPE Insulation Welding Cable for Welding Mechine Made in China

YH H01N2-D

Welding Machine

Low and Medium Voltage Cable

AC Cable



Round Wire

Bare Copper Wire



Rne Da


Flexible Copper Wire


Single or Double


15 Days


Soft Packing in Coil,100m/Roll,or as Your Requests


Hebei, China


Product Description

50mm2 70mm2 95mm2 double sheathed rubber/cpe/epr copper welding cable

the welding cable can be produced according to the standard 245 IEC 81,ICEA S-75-381

2.Specific Property for Using

(1).The cable can be used in the connectors of electric weld and pliers of the electrical welding whose toward earth voltage of the low voltage is not more than AC 200 V and the pulsant DC peak value is 400V.
(2).The long-time permissible working temperature of cable is not more than 65.

3 .Name and IEC Standard

(1).Rubber Sheathed Welding Cable 245 IEC 81
(2).Rubber Sheathed Welding Cable 245 IEC 82,which is made of chloroperene or the composite stretchy materials.

4. Conductor Materials: Copper, Tinned Copper

5. Jacket: Rubber

6. Applications: For Welding Machines and so on

7.The general data of the cable 245 IEC 81 and 245 IEC 82

Nominal Section (mm2)
Conductive Core Thickness of
Section Sheath
Average Outer Diameter (mm) 20oC Conductor
Reference Weight
of Core(mm)
Min Max YH YHF
10 322/0.20 1.8 7.5 9.7 1.91 146 153.51
16 513/0.20 2.0 9.2 11.5 1.16 218.9 230.44
25 798/0.20 2.0 10.5 13.0 0.758 316.6 331.15
35 1121/0.20 2.0 11.5 14.5 0.536 426 439.87
50 1596/0.20 2.2 13.5 17.0 0.379 592.47 610.55
70 2214/0.20 2.4 15.0 19.5 0.268 790 817.52
95 2997/0.20 2.6 17.0 22.0 0.198 1066.17 1102.97
120 1702/0.30 2.8 19.0 24.0 0.161 1348.25 1392.55
150 2135/0.30 3.0 21.0 27.0 0.129 1678.5 1698.72
185 1443/0.40 3.2 22.0 29.0 0.106 1983.8 2020.74

Products Details:

Company Information:

Year Established 1993
Business Type Manufacturer
Number of Employees More than 800
Factory Size 220,000 mm2
manufacturing equipment More than 420 set
testing equipment More than 250 set
Main Products XLPE insulating power cables with voltage up to 35kV, PVC insulated power cables, mining cable, general rubber sheathed flexible cable, Submersible oil pump cable, locomotive-vehicle cables, elevator cable,shipboard cable, nuclear station cables, pre-fabricated branch cables, ABC cables, control cables, special cables, the motor winding connecting conductors, aluminum stranded conductor (AAC) and aluminum stranded steel-core reinforced conductor (ACSR) so on.
Main Market North America,Europe,Southeast Asia,South Asia,Eastern Asia,South America,Middle East,Oceania
Contact Manufacturing OEM Service Offered, Design Service Offered, Buyer Label Offered

Our Service:

1. 22 years production experience and 13 years export experience .

2.high-end Machinery and equipment for high quality cable .

3.manufacture various of cable :power cable,control cable,abc cable,submersible oil pump cable,rubber cable,elevator cable,electric cable…

4. products certification :UL,CE,BV,TUV,KEMA,PSB,SABS,ABS,NK,LR,KR,GL,DNV:

system ceryification:ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001

5.our product sells all over the world and has the good reputation.

6.professional teamwork service for you actively.

7.quick solution and long time online time waiting for your inquiry.

8.rapid delivery and feedback.

9. Stock available, Free sample

10.We can do that you expect

I am waiting for you!

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