Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire, Guy Wire, Stay Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire, Guy Wire, Stay Wire

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire, Guy Wire, Stay Wire

guy wire




Steel Wire

No Sheath

No Insulation

Round Wire


ISO9001, CE, CCC


Zhengzhou City, Henan


1/4', 5/16', 3/8; 9/16', 3/4', 7/8'

Product Description

Hot dipped galvanized Steel Core wire for ACSR , guy wire, stay wire

Why choose our galvanized steel core wire :

1 Suitable for hanger, hang, communication cable and ACSR core wire
2 the power line for built on stiltsand, and immobility thing or tiedown
3 our annual output is over 18000MT
4 we have attained ISO9001 quality management system certification
5 and the ISO14001 quality environment system certification
6 we have more than 190 member staff

Product Description

1, Raw material
A, wire rod: Q195,Q235,45,65,70, 72A, 72B, 82B, 65Mn
B, Zinc with 99.995% purity

2, Tensile strength range
High carbon 1.6-5.0mm: 900-1870mpa

3, Zinc coating
Class A, Class B and Class C, from 200g/m2 to 924g/m2

4, Application
Gabion mesh, Wiremesh, artware, metal hose, agriculture, binding for constrction
steel core wire for ACSR,Power cable,Overhead conductors,
Telecommunication cable,Messenger wire,Earth wire,Stay wire,Guy wire,Fence etc.

5, Packing
wooden drum

6, Standard

ASTM A475, BS 183, etc.

1, Very good anti-rusty ability
2, Good Wrap test result
3, Supersonic cleaning, Hcl cleaning- excellent cleaning.
4, High capacity- over 1500tons/month for this product

We can also supply the OEM and customized products according to customer’s requirement

Structure Diameter(mm) Tensile Strength MPa
1X3 6.2-8.6 1175 1270 1370 1470 1570
1X7 3.0-12 1175 1270 1370 1470 1570
1X19 8.0-20 1175 1270 1370 1470 1570

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