Hot! ! ! ACSR Conductor Robin ASTM B232

Hot! ! ! ACSR Conductor Robin ASTM B232

Hot! ! ! ACSR Conductor Robin ASTM B232

ACSR robin







Round Wire

Power Transmission

ISO9001, CE, UL, CCC




Wood Packing by Sea

1000meter per drum



Product Description

Code name Area Stranding and diameter       Approximate overall diameter Linear mass Rated tensile strength Maximum D.C. Resistance at 20ºC
Aluminum Steel Total Aluminum   Steel   Aluminum Steel Total.
AWG or MCM mm2 mm2 mm2 No. mm No. mm mm kg/km kg/km kg/km daN Ω/km
Robin 1 42.39  7.10  49.49  3.00  1 3.00  9.00  116.0  55.0  171.0  1585 0.67670 

Used as bare overhead transmission cable and as primary and secondary distribution cable. ACSR offers optimal strength for line design. Variable steel core stranding enables desired strength to be achieved without sacrificing ampacity.

1.ASTM B232 Standard, refer to the following specification
B 230 Aluminum Wire1350-H 19 for Electrical Purpose
B 231 Aluminum Conductor, Concentric-lay-stranded
B 232 Aluminum Conductor, Concentric-lay-stranded, Coated Steel Reinforced (ACSR)
B 341 Aluminum Coated Steel Core Wire for Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced(ACSR/AW)
B 498 Zinc-coated Steel Core Wire for Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR/AZ)
B 500 Zinc Coated and Aluminum Coated Stranded Steel Core for Aluminum Conductor Steel 
Reinforced (ACSR)
2. CSA C 49 Standard
3. BS 215 Part 2 Standard
4. DIN 48204 Standard
5. IEC 61089 Standard
6. Other International Standard 
7.Code name-BS stand: acsr moose, acsr dog, acsr rabbit, acsr lynx, acsr raccon, acsr panther, acsr zebra, acsr weasel, acsr wolf, acsr coyote, acsr squirrel, acsr mink.

1. Conductor: Hard-Drawn 1350-H19 Aluminum Wires, Minimum Purity 99.45%,  
2. Reinforcement: Galvanized Steel Wires (Zinc-Coated)
3. Best Seller: Turkey, Sparrow, Raven, Penguin, Waxwing, Dove, Rail, Pheasant, Martin
4. Construction (Aluminum/Steel): 6/1, 7/1, 8/1, 12/7, 16/19, 24/7, 26/7, 30/7, 30/19, 36/1, 45/7, 54/7, 30/19, 72/7, 76/19, 84/196. Cross-Sectional Area: 6~4/0 awg, 80~2312 mcm (80~211.3 mcm for Standard High-Strength Conductor),        
7. Galvanization: Class A, B or C
8. Grease Corrosion Protection: Available upon Request




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