High Voltage Single Core XLPE Cable 400mm2

High Voltage Single Core XLPE Cable 400mm2

High Voltage Single Core XLPE Cable 400mm2

XLPE cable 400mm2

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Product Description

High voltage single core XLPE cable 400mm2


This product is suitable for use in rated AC voltage (U0/U)6/6-26/35KV system transmitting and distributing lines.According to different sheath make ups,they can be used for laying in the ai (cable bridges,indoor well supports and groove boxes) and in soil (direct burying,cable canals and pipe lines,etc).

2.Properties and functions

For XLPE insulated power cable,either chemical method or physical method had been employed to transform the molecular structure of PE from linear chain into three dimensional network,that is thermoplastic PE had been transformed into thermosetting XLPE.

After crosslinking,the heat mechanical properties of the cable have been greatly improved while its excellent electrical properties are still maintained.The nominal conductor operating temperature of XLPE insulated power cable is 90 degrees.

The cable has the advantages of simplicity in construction,lightness in weight beside its excellent electrical,heat mechanical and anti-chemical corrosion properties.

It can also be laid with no limitation of level difference along the route.

3.Properties of applications

1).Max.permissible continuous operating temperature f conductor of 6~35KV cable shall not exceed 90 degrees.

2).Conductor short circuit temperature should not be exceed 250degrees. Max.sustaining period not exceed 5 seconds.

3).Bending radius:

a).Bending radius of single core cable:20(d+D)±5%

b).Bending radius of multi-core cable:15(d+D)±5%

c).D is actual outer diameter of cable sample(mm),d is actual diameter of the conductor(mm)

4).Not restricted by the difference of level along the route.

5).Insulation temperature:it should be heated while ambient temperature is below 0 degree.

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