Hda Conductor 100mm2

Hda Conductor 100mm2

Hda Conductor 100mm2


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Product Description

Conductor 100mm2 AAC HD PVC

The Aluminum conductor shall be manufactured to BS 215. Shall be concentrically stranded,with successive layers in opposite lay, but such that the outermost layer shall be in the right hand spiral(Z).

The  wires in each layer shall be evenly and closely stranded. the complete conductor and its layers shall be firm and solid. the lay ratio shall not exceed 13.

In conductor having multiple layers of wires. the lay ratio of any layer shall be not greater than the lay ratio of the layer immediately beneath it. No grease shall be applied to the conductor.

PVC covered conductor according to BS6485

The material ,construction and physical properties of the conductor shall,after covering, conform to BS215 

PVC Covered
Nominal area of Aluminum mm2 50 50 100 100
Approx.Overall diameter of bare conductor mm 9.3 9.3 13.17 13.17
Overall diameter of covered conductors 11.7 16
Stranding No/mm Al. 7/3.1 7/3.1 7/4.39 7/4.39
Calculated maxi d.c.resistance at 20 degree(ohm/km) 0.5419 0.5419 0.2702 0.2702
Calculated minimum breaking load(KN) 8.28 8.28 16 16
Approx.mass of conductor
145 200 290 360

PVC covered conductos shall be manufactuerd in accordance with BS6485
The material, consturction and physical properties of the conductor shall, after covering,conform to BS215 part 1 and clause 4.3.1 of this specification
The PVC covering shall conform to the type TI1 compound as per BS6485
 The colour of the covering shall be black.
The thickness of  PVC covering at any point shall be not less than 0.8mm

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