H3a Bottom Base Industrial Housing Wire Connector

H3a Bottom Base Industrial Housing Wire Connector

H3a Bottom Base Industrial Housing Wire Connector

H3A. P-ST-1L


UL, CE, ISO 9001, RoHs


PCB, Power, Audio & Video, Military, Automotive


Low Frequency

All in One

Male Female






Surface Mount

Light Grey


Ha ,HD,Hq Series

Top Entry



38*25*33cm /carton



Product Description

H3A bottom base industrial housing wire connector 

 connectors were specifically designed for robust and compact applications where a high density and a high protection level is required.  connectors provide compact outdoor rated solutions for a safe shock-and-vibration-resistant connection. connectors are touch-proof offering high current carrying capacity with minimum space requirements and coding options without losing contact.

The Modular series is designed for combining different Assembly details transmission media in one connector. The multifaceted system of inserts, contacts, frames, hoods and housings fulfils individual customer requirements. To continuously enable new configurations, the -Modular series growths constantly. More than 50 different modules for different transmission media are available. These cover various termination techniques. 

Connectivity & Networks generates solutions throughout the triad of Installation Technology, Device Connectivity, and Automation IT for all automation lifelines – namely data, signals and power. In line with this strategic course, the equipment interfaces provide universal solutions for specific user applications. The range of available contact inserts extends from solutions for 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet through to 690 V / 16 A power supply applications.


  • Fully shielded, 360° shielding contact
  • Touch proof protection
  • From 48V to 690V
  • From 12A to 16A / pin
  • Crimp contacts, solder pins, quick-lock & cage clamp options
  • 3-pole 2/0 AC, 4-pole DC, 5-pole 4/0 AC
  • IP 65/67 rated
  • Cable OD range 4.9mm – 8.6mm
  • AWG 20 to AWG 12
  • Mating cycles min. 750
  • Temperature range -40 to +70°C
  • Housings: plastic/metal
  • UL approved 


Material Polycarbonate
Colour  Light Grey
Locking element  
-Lever type Lever,plastic
-Material Polyamide
Hoods/Housing seal NBR
Limiting temperatures -40…+125ºC
Flammability acc.to UL94 V0
Degree of protection acc.to DIN EN  
60 529 for coupled connector IP65

The competely set you may  fit as your demend ,like following: 


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