Green Yellow PVC 50mm2 Earth Cable with Copper Conductor

Green Yellow PVC 50mm2 Earth Cable with Copper Conductor

Green Yellow PVC 50mm2 Earth Cable with Copper Conductor

green yellow pvc 50mm2 earth cable







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in Coil or Drum


Tangshan, China


Product Description

green yellow pvc 50mm2 earth cable:

An Earth wire is a wire that goes into the ground to disperse with electricity that excess electricity goes through to prevent a circuit from frying itself. These are very commonly used for dispersing lightning that hits an electrical wire and put it back into the ground where the electricity disperses and is no longer harmful to electronics or people.

An earth wire is literally a wire that goes down into the earth – also known as an "earth ground."
It’s meant to be the electrical path that unwanted electricity (such as lightning or a short-circuit) finds easiest to take.
Conductor: Copper
Insulation: PVC
Section: 6mm2, 16mm2, 25mm2, 35mm2, 50mm2, 95mm2, 120mm2, 240mm2
Company Introduction:
Company Introduction:

HeBei huatong wires&cables Group Co.,ltd.It was established in 1993, we are JV with Furukawa(Japanese company) for rubber serious cables and JV with Riken(Japanese company) for elevator cables.
Besides these,our submersible oil pump cable and shipboard cable are very influential in domestic, and, the traditional cables are also produced such as PVC powercables, XLPE power cables, ABC cables, wires, control cables, screened cables,communication cables, conductors.We areOEM for many USA, Europen, Australia cable company,70% of our products are exported, most customers are from developed countries. We got ISO,UL,TUV,
KEMA,CE and many other certifications.
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