Fire Resistant Cable

Fire Resistant Cable

Fire Resistant Cable


Solid or Stranded

Electric Service Entrance




Round Wire

Flame Retardant

ISO9001, CE




Drums or Circles

Bs, DIN, ANSI, Iec And So On



Product Description

Fire resistant cables come in a variety of types and standards. All are comprehensively tested to British Standard to ensure they meet their design criteria.

The FP Cables range of fire resistant cables contains cables for most fire applications from a fire resistant alternative to standard cable for use in metal conduits and trunking, to more specialist cable for fire alarms, fire detection circuits and emergency lighting. A good example of this is FP200 Gold® – a hard skin cable, incorporating damage resistant Insudite insulated cores.

Much of the refinement work on these cables is not only to create further fire resistance but to improve handling and ease of installation. However, on large and complex building projects with demanding fire safety requirements an armour version fire resistant cable may be necessary – such as FP6

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