Factory Supply High Quality Service Drop ABC Cable

Factory Supply High Quality Service Drop ABC Cable

Factory Supply High Quality Service Drop ABC Cable

ABC Quadruplex 1/0 Standardbred

Overhead Power Distribution





ASTM ANSI/Icea S-76-474

Over 20 Countries



Southeast Asia,Africa,South America etc.

Nearly 30 Years Experience


Standard Export Drums, Wooden Drums.

Henan, China (Mainland)

Product Description

Service drop ABC cable Quadruplex 3*1/0awg+1/0awg Standardbred


ABC cable is primarily used on lighting, outdoor lighting, and temporary service for construction.

To be used at voltages of 600V phase-to-phase or less,

and the conductor temperatures no exceeds 75 degrees for polyethylene(PE) insulated conductors or 90 degrees for corsslinked polyethylene(XLPE) insulated conductors.

2. Application of Service Drop Cable

2.1 Duplex Service Drop
To supply 120 volt aerial service for temporary service at construction sites, outdoor or street lighting. For service at 600 volts or lower ATA conductor temperature of 750C maximum for PE insulation and 90 maximum for XLPE insulation.

2.2 Triplex Service Drop
To supply power from the utility`s lines to the consumer`s weather head. For service at 600 volts or less(phase to phase ) at a conductor temperature of 75 maximum for PE insulation or 90 maximum for XLPE insulation.

2.3 Quadruplex Service Drop
Used to supply 3 phase power, usually from a pole-mounted transformer to the use`s service head where connection to the service entrance cable is made. To be used at voltages of 600 volts or less phase to phase and at conductor temperature not to exceed 75 for PE insulated conductors or 90 for XLPE insulated conductors.

3. Construction
Concentric stranded or compressed 1350-H19 conductor, polyethylene or cross-linked polyethylene insulation, concentric strand AAC, ACSR, or 6201 alloy neutral messenger.

4.ABC cable meets of exceeds the following specifications

Aluminum cable,1350-H19 for electrical purposes.

Aluminum conductors,concentric lay stranded.

Aluminum conductor,concentric lay stranded,coated steel reinforced(ACSR).

Concentric lay stranded,6201-T81 conductors.

Compressed round stranded aluminum conductors using single input conductor.

5.ABC cable based on ASTM ANSI/ICEA S-76-474

Phase core: AAC conductor,PE/XLPE insulated.

Neutral core: AAC/ACSR/6201 Alloy conductor,bare or PE/XLPE insulated.

Sizes: 8AWG,6AWG,4AWG,2AWG,1/0AWG,2/0AWG,3/0AWG,4/0AWG,etc.

Type: Duplex,Triplex,Quadruplex.

Insulation: black weather resistant cross linked polyethylene with a high resistance to

Ultra Violet.

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