Electrical Cable Wire 3.5mm Copper Tape Shielded Yy Sy Control Cable

Electrical Cable Wire 3.5mm Copper Tape Shielded Yy Sy Control Cable

Electrical Cable Wire 3.5mm Copper Tape Shielded Yy Sy Control Cable

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Product Description

Copper Wire Screened Shield Electrical Equipments Control Cable

1. Application
The control cable has the characteristics of moisture proof, corrosion resistance and damage prevention.
It can be laid in tunnels or cable trenches for indoor electrical installation in dry or humid environments, especially fixed installation and mobile installation in industrial environments, such as: industrial And mining companies, energy and transportation sectors

Conductor Stranded of fine copper wire (class 5) comply with the VDE0295/IEC60228 standard.
Insulation material Special PVC Black cores with white numbers / VDE0293-308 new color (color can be customized according to customer requirements)
Cores Cores twisted in layers.
Jacket special PVC mixture sheath
Technical data
Operating voltage 300/500 V
Insulation resistance > 20 MOhm x km
minimum bend radius Mobile Install: 20x cable diameter 
Fixed installation: 6x cable diameter
Operating temperature range Mobile installation: – 5 ° C to +70 °C 
Fixed installation: -40 ° C to +80 ° C
Wire grounding ID G = green / yellow protective conductor
X =without green / yellow protective conductor

PVC insulated shield control cable
2.Product Description of control cable
1) Working temperature: 70°c (PVC insulation), 90°c (XLPE insulation)
2) Min. ambient temperature: 0 °c
3) Min. bending radius: 8 times cable radius (unarmored), 12 times (armored or copper tape screened)
4) Conductor: class 1, 2, 5 tinned or un-tinned copper
5) Sectional area: 0.75~10mm2
6) Insulation: PVC / XLPE
7) No. of cores: 2~61
8) Screen: copper tape, aluminum-plastic composite tape or braided copper wire
9) Inner covering: extruded PVC or lapped non-woven cloth
10) Armor: steel tape and steel wire available
11) Oversheath: PVC
12) Max. conductor DC resistance at 20°c

The core of the control cable is copper core, nominal cross section 2.5mm2 and below, 2 ~ 61 cores; 4 ~ 6mm2, 2 ~ 14 cores; 10mm2, 2 ~ 10 cores.
The control cables used in computer systems generally use polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, cross-linked polyethylene, and fluoroplastic insulation products.

Model Main scope of application
KVV Laid indoors, fixed occasions such as cable trenches and pipes
KVV22 Laying indoors, cable trench, buried pipelines can bear greater mechanical force fixed installation
KVVP To lay claim chamber, ducts, pipes and the like shield
KVVR Laid indoors, where occasions require movement
KVVRP Placed indoors, where mobile shielding is required
ZRKVV Laid indoors, cable trenches, pipes and other fixed occasions requiring flame resistance
ZRKVV22 Lay indoors, cable trenches, pipelines, etc. can be buried in fixed occasions that can withstand large mechanical external forces and have flame retardancy requirements
ZRKVVP Laid indoors, cable trenches, pipes and other fixed occasions requiring shielding and flame retardant
ZRKVVR Laid indoors where mobility and flame retardant requirements are required
ZRKVVRP Placed indoors, where mobile shielding and flame retardant requirements are required

3.Our Company
People’s Cable Group Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2007, With good transport facilities which adjacent to the 310 national highway-Lian Huo highway. Our company had 2 factories(Zhitian factory and Zhulin factory), occupies total area of more than 300,000 square meters, with building area 230,000 square meters. The real capital assets more than 10 million USD, with 630 staff members, 65 of which are professional and technical experts.

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