Copper Wire PVC Insulated Nylon Jacket Electric Building Cable

Copper Wire PVC Insulated Nylon Jacket Electric Building Cable

Copper Wire PVC Insulated Nylon Jacket Electric Building Cable








Round Wire

Flame Retardant

ISO9001, CE, CCC





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Product Description


THHN building wire is meant for use as general purpose wiring for installation in conduit or other recognized race way.

THHN may also be used for machine tool, appliance and control circuit wiring.

Description of usage properties:

The nylon sheathed cable has more excellence features in physical and electrical performance than the PVC cable.

The cable has smaller outer diameter, lighter weight, less static friction coefficient than the same size of PVC cable, which greatly improve safety and convenience in installation and assembly of the cable.

It is self-lubrication, and has good resistance to corrosion, oil, acids, alkali, and moisture.

The cable is widely used in fixed installation, home appliance, lighting equipment, construction and aviation engine room with voltage up to 450/750V.

Its permitted long term working temperature shall be 70°C or 90°C, installation temperature shall be over 0°C, and maximum bending radius shall be not less than 4 times of outer diameter of the cable.


UL listed Standards. 83 & 1063 as: Type THHN Wire 90°C in dry locations, Type THWN Wire 75°C in wet locations.
A-A-59544, NEMA WC-5, UL-758
CSA approval upon request


Conductor: Bare copper, Soft Drawn

Insulation: PVC

Jacket: NYLON

Standard Colors (denoted by a dash and number code following the part number below): Black (-0), Brown (-1), Red (-2), Orange (-3), Yellow (-4), Green (-5), Blue (-6), Violet (-7), Gray (-8), White (-9), Pink (-10), Tan (-11); Striping and Other colors available upon request.

Gasoline & oil resistant – Type MTW 90°C Machine Tool Wire (stranded only) 105°C AWM, 80°C
where exposed to oil.

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