Copper Core PVC Wire

Copper Core PVC Wire

Copper Core PVC Wire








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Product Description

Product Description
Product Description
PVC insulated wires belong to the series of laying electric wires, which are mainly suitable for placing at the fixed places. It is widely used as connectors of drive, lighting, electronic equipment, instrument and telecommunication equipmentwith rated voltage 450/750V (U0/U) or below. Parts of the plastic wires are used at the equipment with AC rated voltage 300/300V or below.

The products adopt GB 5023.1~7-1997 (450/750V or below PVC insulated electric wires), JB 8734.1~5-1998 (450/750V or under PVC insulated cables, electric wires andflexible wires) and Q/ZEL 02-2002 (plastic insulated electric wires and cables). GB 5023.1-7-1997 is identical to IEC227 and the type is the same as the stipulation of IEC and technical specification is just the same and more. We have extendedthe range of the type to fit the requirement of the consumers. JB 8734.1~5-1998and Q/ZEL 02-2002 are the complementary contents of GB 5023.1~7-1997 and Q/ZEL02-2002 are stipulated to meet consumers’ requirements.

This series include:
Copper (aluminum) conductor PVC insulated wires (BV)
Copper conductor PVC insulated flexible wires (BVR)
Copper (aluminum) conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wires
Copper (aluminum) conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flat wires
Copper conductor PVC insulated flat flexible connectors
Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed round flexible connectors
Sizes: 0.5-185mm2
Relative manufacturing standards: IEC227, BS6004, AS/NZS5000.2

Company Profile:
Henan Jinshui Cable Group mainly specialized in cables R&D,manufacturing and distribution and contributes to promote Chinese excellent wire &cable products with competitive price in the worldwide market.

As a professional exporter in Chinese cable industry, we take the lead in obtaining ISO9001, CCC and Certificate for product exemption from inspection by Chinese government. We can manufacture more than 1300 types of cables and wires of high, medium and low voltage which meet the standard of GB, IEC, BS, ASTM, JIS, DIN and etc. In order to guarantee quality, the process and manufacturer of all our products are complied with or excess international,relative national standards.

Nowadays, our business partners spreads all over Asia, Mid-east, South European, Central America, South America, South Africa areas, and etc. A stable and close relationship has been founded between us and some world famous companies such as PLN in Indonesia, Unicable in Singapore, Riyadh Cable Group in Saudi Arabia. It will be everlasting to satisfy each our client with good quality and excellent service. And we always insist on our principle"Honesty,Fair, Perfect, Efficiency". Sincerely welcome friends all overthe world and gain a mutual progress together in future.

The main products are as follow:
Aerial Bundled Cable 1kV-35kV (ABC Cable)
PVC Insulated (Flexible ) Wire and PVC Insulated and Sheathed (Armoured) Power Cable
Low, Medium, High Voltage (1kV-220kV) XLPE Insulated (Armoured) Power Cable
Welding Cable, Control Cable, Rubber Sheathed Cable

Our service:

We provide high-standard quality-control and manufacturing system. The service life of our products are highly guaranteed. We offer operating constructions to our customers.

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