Cable Aluminum 4X16 0.6/1kv Overhead

Cable Aluminum 4X16 0.6/1kv Overhead

Cable Aluminum 4X16 0.6/1kv Overhead

Cable Aluminum 4×16 0.6/1KV Overhead






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Cable Aluminum 4×16 0.6/1KV Overhead

The LV cable used for carrying out the work will be of insulated type, pre assembled rated voltage beams 0,6 / 1 kV.
The beam will consist of three phase conductors, a neutral conductor and two public ligHVing conductors (PE). The sections are specified in the following table:2x16mm2
Cables insulated conductors
These technical clauses specify the following cables insulated conductors:
– LV conductor cables for lines of LV networks
– LV cable conductors for LV circuit breakers transformers links,
– Cable connection LV drivers of public ligHVing fixtures,
LV networks will consist of insulated cables assembled in bundles composed as follows:
– 2 core phase conductors of an aluminum section 16 mm²
– without carrier neutral conductor core Almelec a section of 54.6 mm²
– without public ligHVing conductors aluminum core of a section of 16 mm²

Insulated cable assembled LV network to beam
The cable will meet the French standard NF C 33-209. The souls of the phase conductors and public ligHVing will consist of hardened aluminum son pure hard 3/4 99.5 M, Type 1370 (A5 / L) to the standard NF C 3 1-122, while core of the neutral conductor is formed of son alloy magnesium aluminum silicon, heat-treated, containing approximately 0.5% magnesium and 0.5% silicon.
Each driver of the beam will be insulated with cross-linked polyethylene extruded jacket black meets the dimensional and mechanical characteristics specified in the NFC 33-209 standards.



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