Bare Conductors ACSR #4/0 Penguin

Bare Conductors ACSR #4/0 Penguin

Bare Conductors ACSR #4/0 Penguin

ACSR #4/0 Penguin



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Bare conductors ACSR #4/0 Penguin

Specification of ACSR Penguin
Code Name: Penguin
Standard: ASTM B232
Stranding/wire Dia. of Al: 6/4.77mm.
St: 1/4.77mm.
Approx.Overall Dia.: 14.31mm.
Total Weight: 433kg/km.
Nominal Breaking Load: 37.061kN.
Max.D.C. Resistance at 20°c: 0.2675 ohm/km.

ACSR conductors have been widely used in power transmission lines with various voltage levels,because they have such good characteristics as simple structure,convenient installation and maintenance,low cost large transmission capacity.
And they are also suitable for laying across rivers valleys and the places where special geographical features exist.

ACSR can be manufactured to different strengths by requirement.
The conductor is constructed from a solid/stranded steel core, surrounded by aluminium stranding. The steel core is strong yet ductile, while the outer stranding of aluminium gives excellent conductivity with a low weight and low cost.
The ACSR conductor is available in a range of steel strengths from as little as 6% up to 40%. The stronger the steel percentage, the more arduous tasks it can take on; the highest strength conductors are used as overhead wires, for river crossings, and any installations which require a particularly long span without support.

ACSR also has the double benefit that as well as being high strength, it is also lightweight.
ACSR conductors have a higher diameter than AAC and AAAC due to their steel core, and due to this they can obtain a higher corona limit, giving the advantage for high voltage overhead lines.
ACSR is also used for local distribution, suspended from wooden poles or other alternative methods.

BS215 Part2

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