Aro2V Power Cable, 1X240mm2 Factory Price High Quality

Aro2V Power Cable, 1X240mm2 Factory Price High Quality

Aro2V Power Cable, 1X240mm2 Factory Price High Quality

Construction, Underground, Industrial, Power Station


AC Cable



Round Wire






Wooden/Iron-Wooden/Steel Reel

1.5mm2 and above

Zhengzhou City of Henan Province, China


Product Description

1. Cable BT U 1000 ARO2V 1x240mm2 belongs to cables rated voltage up to 1KV. They are used for laying indoor, tunnel, underground, canal, water and seabed, etc .
2.Brief Construction:
2.1 Number of Core : 1Core , 2Core,3Core , 4Core , 5Core , 3+1Core(3.5Core) , 3+2 Core , 4+1Core , etc.
2.2 Conductor material: Copper or Aluminum (Stranded Round /Stranded compacted round/stranded compacted sector)
2.3 Insulation Material: XLPE
2.4 Inner sheath (applicable if there is armour layer): PVC
2.5 Armour layer (if required) :Galvanized steel wire / Steel Tape
2.6 Outer sheath :  PVC
3.The max. conductor long time permissible operating temperature is  90 degree for XLPE Insulation ; In short circuit, max. Temperature is 250 degree for XLPE Sheath.
4.Packing :  In roll / In wooden drum / In Iron-wooden drum / In steel drum.
5.Export Areas: Australia, Africa, Armenia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, CoteD`lvoire, Congo-Kinshasa, Dominican, Ecuador, Finland, France, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guyana, Indonesia, HK, Haiti, Iran, Jamaica, Kenya, Korea, Iraq, India, Malawi, Malaysia, Morocco, Myanmar, Madagascar, Nigeria, Nepal, Peru, Philippines, Paraguay, Panama, Pakistan, Rwanda, Russia, Surinam, Singapore, Saudi Arab, South Africa, Sudan, Surinam, Sri Lanka, Trinidad Tobago, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, US, UAE, UK, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Zambia.
6.Certificate: ISO , CE , SGS, SONCAP , BV , ETC.
7.For other detailed information, pls contact us directly .

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