Armoured Electrical Cable Copper Conductor for Underground Reticulation

Armoured Electrical Cable Copper Conductor for Underground Reticulation

Armoured Electrical Cable Copper Conductor for Underground Reticulation

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Product Description

Detailed Product Description

Product Name: Copper Armored Cable Rated Voltage: 8.7/15kV
Insulation: XLPE Conductor: 99.99% Anneal Copper
Armour: Steel Tape Armoured Sizes: 2.5 To 630 Sqmm
Cores: 1 Standards: IEC / BS / IS / VDE


Class 2 Stranded Copper Conductor with STA Used for Underground Reticulation







Conductor: Annealed Copper  Circular Compact – Class 2

Insulation: LV-XLPE

Phase Color: Numbering

Armoring: AWA – SWA – DSTA – GDSTA

Specification: SANS 1339

Voltage Ranges: 3.8/6.6kV – 6.35/11kV – 12.7/22kV – 19/33kV

Types: Belted or Screened


Application: Used for underground reticulation, main distribution systems, sub-station and mining. Can be manufactured with corrugated aluminum or steel tape





IEC60502, BS6346, VDE, AS/NZS, UL,etc or as customer’s request.


1kv-10 kv xlpe armoured power cable are mainly complying with IEC 60502 standard, also can be produced according to OEM requirements and other standards, such as BS standard, DIN standard, ASTM standard, etc.
Voltage grade is up to 35kv, cross-section area can be up to 400 sqmm (copper or aluminiun conductor). Conductor long-time operating temperature is 90 degrees. In short circuit, conductor highest temperature should be not more than 250 degrees.
Laying conditions: For laying under ground with large different altitude, be able to bear external mechanical force and moderate pulling force.
-Standards / Testing Specifications: IEC 60502-1.

Installation This cable can be installed in duct, tray or direct burial. It is recommended that the installation instructions indicated by the Local Electric Code, or any equivalent, be followed, so that the safeguarding of persons and the integrity of the product will not be affected by eciencies in the installation.


Model & Spec.


Voltage rating for Medium Voltage XLPE Power Cable No. x Nominal Cross Section
of Conductor No. x mm2
1 core3 core

3.6/6.6(7.2) kV, 6/10(12)kV
8.7/10(12)kV, 8.7/15(17.5)kV
26/35(40.5)kV1x 25 mm23x 25 mm21x35 mm23x 35 mm21x50 mm23x 50 mm21x70 mm23x 70 mm21x95 mm23x 95 mm21x120 mm23x 120 mm21x150 mm23x 150 mm21x185 mm23x 185 mm21x240 mm23x 240 mm21x300 mm23x 300 mm21x400 mm23x 400 mm21x500 mm23x 500 mm21x630 mm2


Type Desciption Rated Voltage NO. of Cores Nomibal section(mm2) Applications
YJV YJLV Cu or Al conductor,XLPE insulated.PVC sheathed electric cable 0.6/1KV 1,2,3,4 1.5 to 400 For laying indoors and outdoors.The LV XLPE insulated power cable is used in transmission and distribution system at rated voltagae U(Um) ≤10KV.The HV XLPE insulated power cable refers to the power cable transmission between 10KV-35KV, it is often applied to the main road of power transmission. Able to bear certain traction during installation, but not external mechanical forces.
3+1 3×4+1×2.5 to 3×400+1×185
6/6kV 1,3 25 to 500
8.7/10kV 8.7/15kV 12/20kV 1 25 to 500
3 25 to 300
21/35kv 1 50 to 500
YJV22 YJLV22 Cu or Al conductor,XLPE insulated steel tape armoured PVC sheathed electric cable 0.6/1KV 3 1.5 to 400 Suitable for burying in ground, Able to bear external mechanical forces but large pulling forces.
4 4 to 240
6/6kV 8.7/10kV 8.7/15kV 12/20kV 3 25 to 300
21/35kv 3 50 to 240



Technique property:


1,The long time working temperature is at 75ºC, suffer short circuit (within 5 seconds), the temperature of core can not higher than 160ºC

2,The ambient temperature should not lower than -10ºC

3,The laying temperature should not lower than 0ºC

4,Single core’s bend radius with no armor should not exceed 20D,single core’s bend radius with armor should not exceed than 15D,three cores’ bend radius with armor should not exceed 12D




1. Only a part of cables are listed in the table. Cables with other specifications can be inquired.

2. Cables can be supplied with a range of single mode or multi mode.
3. Specially designed Cables structure is available on request.



* The laying temperature of cables should not be lower than 0 degree, When the ambient temperature is under 0 degree, the cables should be heated up to 0 degreeor higher with certain methodsThis series includes:


* Copper (aluminum) core, PVC insulated and sheathed power cables

* Copper (aluminum) core, PVC insulated, PE sheathed power cables

* Copper (aluminum) core, PVC insulated, steel tape armoring PVC sheathed power cables.

* Copper (aluminum) core, PVC insulated, steel tape armoring, PE sheathed power cables

* Copper (aluminum) core, PVC insulated, steel wire armoring, PVC sheathed powercables

* Copper (aluminum) core, PVC insulated, steel wire armoring, PE sheathed power cables



ISO,CE, KEMA ,IEC, RoHS, CCC, P3C and more others at request 



We are capable of meeting the most strict delivery schedules according to per purchase order. Meeting the deadline is always the top priority as any delay in the delivery of cable can contribute to overall project delay and cost overrun.
Cable is supplied in wooden reels, corrugated boxes and coils. Cable ends are sealed with BOPP self adhesive tape and non-hygroscopic sealing caps to protect the cable ends from moisture. The required marking shall be printed with a weather-proof material on the outsides of drum according to customer’s requirement.


Quote Request Information

1. Material of conductor/insulation/sheath.

2. Voltage classes.

3. Cross section, Short circuit current capacity, tension strength.

4. Order Quantity



Our Services

1.We are the one of biggest manufacture of electric wire and power cable in China and has more than 20 years producing and marketing experience.

2.We accept OEM. The cable size and material are customized.Ur own logo and

own design are welcome. We will produce according to your requirement and description;

♦ Please send us inquiry for more products info and we will give you feedback in 12 hours.




1. Shipping: By sea or air due to heavy weight. Samples will be send by DHL, Fedex. etc

2. Payment: We accept T/T, L/C , just choose what you like

3. Delivery time: Generally 7~10 working days upon receipt deposit. According to the quantity.

4. MOQ: Generally our MOQ is 1000meters. samples for below 20 centimeter can be provided freely.

After-service commitment

WE SHANDONG PINGYUE INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD insists the policy of quality first, endeavors to achieve high quality and zero defect of goods. Therefore, every client could fully benefit from PINGYUE Cable’s superior quality and faultless service. Meanwhile, we observe PINGYUE spirit of "Do Best, Mutually Win", wish to establish long-term and stable relationship with every client. Hereby, we guarantee that:
1. Customer is God. We will cherish every client, every cooperation by heart.
2. Free pre-sales service. We will provide best proposal for each client.
3. Good sales service. We will provide free relative product operation, maintenance tips and installation commissioning
technical advisory service when establish cooperation relationship with clients.
4. Thoughtful after sales service . Our product are warranted by PICC(People’s Insurance Company of China). We will
provide free maintaining and debugging within 12 month after installation(except for the wrong using).
5. 24 hours hot-line telephone service. We will appoint professional person answer your question timely.
We always firmly believe that " Quality is life line, Service is laissez-passer", which will make us more closer and tight!

We sincerely welcome you to visit our factory !!! 
From Shanghai to our city by air need only one hour !!!
I will pick you up at our linyi airport. from our airport to our factory only half hour by car !!! 

We manufacture and supply a wide range of Power Cables suitable for our export customers. We have segmented them as below:

  • General Purpose Electrical Wires & Cables
  • Low Voltage Cables
  • Medium Voltage Cables
  • Control Cables
  • Aerial Cables
  • Rubber Cables 

If you cannot see the specification of a particular cable you are looking to source, please do not hesitate to contact me. ( 24housrs english service )

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Title: Sales Manager
Factory Name : Linyi Quantong Cable Co.,Ltd.( The Two company belong to one legal body of enterprise )

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