ACSR ASTM B232 Sparrow Swan

ACSR ASTM B232 Sparrow Swan

ACSR ASTM B232 Sparrow Swan







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Product Description

Overhead bare conductor(wire and cable)

1. Overhead conductor is used as aerial bare line.

2. Overhead conductor passes the evaluation of both China mechanical and industrial bureau and State grid.

3. The working voltages are up to 500kV.

4. The minimum bending radius is 30 times of the diameter of the conductor.

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Model of Conductor

New Type Original Type Name Range of Sectional Area
JL LJ All Aluminum Conductor(AAC) 10-1500
JL/G1A JL/G1B JL/G2A JL/G2B JL/G3A LGJ Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced(ACSR) 16-1250
JL/G1AF JL/G2AF JL/G3AF LGJF Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced(Anti-corrosion ACSR) 16-1250
JLHA1  JLHA2 LHAJ All Aluminum Alloy Conductor(AAAC) 16-1250
JLHA1/G1A JLHA1/G1B JLHA1/G3A JLHA2/G1A JLHA2/G1B JLHA1/G3A LHAGJ Aluminum Alloy Conductor Steel Reinforced (AACSR) 16-1120
JL/LHA1  JL/LHA2 LLHAGJ Aluminum Conductor Aluminum Alloy Reinforced(ACAR) 16-1400
JL/LB1A LLBGJ Aluminum Conductor Steel Coated Aluminum Reinforced 16-1250
JLHA2/LB1A JLHA1/LB1A LHALBGJ Aluminum Alloy Conductor Aluminum Coated Steel Reinforced 16-1250
JG1A JG1B JG2A JG3A GJ All Steel Stranded Conductor 6-63(27.1mm2-427mm2)
JLB1A JLB1B  JLB2 LBGJ Aluminum Coated Steel Conductor 4-200(12mm2-600mm2

Product Range of bare conductor
Bare Conductor(conductor,overhead conductor) includes the following Product Range :

All Aluminum Conductors AAC ASTM B 231
All Aluminum Conductors AAC BS 215 Part 1
All Aluminum Conductors AAC BS EN 50182
All Aluminum Conductors AAC IEC 61089
All Aluminum Conductors AAC DIN 48201
Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforce ACSR ASTM B 232
Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforce ACSR BS 215 Part 2
Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforce ACSR BS EN 50182
Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforce ACSR IEC 61089
Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforce ACSR DIN 48204
Bare All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (Bare AAAC) ASTM B 399
Bare All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (Bare AAAC) BS 3242
Bare All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (Bare AAAC) BS EN50182
Bare All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (Bare AAAC) DIN 48201
Bare All Aluminum Alloy Conductor (Bare AAAC) IEC 61089



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