ACSR/AAC/AAAC Conductor & Cable for Transmission & Distribution Line

ACSR/AAC/AAAC Conductor & Cable for Transmission & Distribution Line

ACSR/AAC/AAAC Conductor & Cable for Transmission & Distribution Line


High Voltage Cable




Round Wire





Wooden Drum, Steel Drum, Steel&Wooden Drum

IEC61089, BS215, ASTM B231, CSA C49, DIN480201

Zhengzhou Henan

Product Description

Application: ACSR
1.Transmission and distribution of electric power had large span.
2.Transmission and distribution of electric power with high and very high voltage.
3.Electric power distribution from Power Station to sub cities.

Quality: ACSR conductor / cable
Production accroding to ASTM-B232,BS215-2,and IEC60189,DIN48201.

Material: ACSR
G1A or G2A steel wire
Zinc coating steel wire

Ambient temperature: ACSR
Above -20°C
Working temperature: ACSR conductor
Not exceed 90°C
Laying bending radius: ACSR cable
Not less than 30 times the cables outer diameter

Standards: ACSR
ASTM-B232 Standard specification for Concentric-Lay-Stranded Aluminum 1350 Conductors
BS215-2 Aluminium conductors steel-reinforced -For overhead power transmission
DIN48204 Steel reinforced aluminum stranded conductors
IEC209 Aluminum stranded conductor steel reinforced
Customized type available.

Code Names: acsr

Code Name from ASTM-B231 AAC
Bluebonnet Goldenrod Syringa
Trillium Cockscomb Goldentuft
Bitterroot Snapdragon Canna
Lupine Arbutus Daffodil
Sagebrush Lilac Tulip
Cowslip Petunia Peony
Jessamine Cattail Daisy
Coreopsis Violet Laurel
Gladiolus Nasturtium Sneezewort
Carnation Verbena Valerian
Columbine Flag Oxlip
Narcissus Heuchera Phlox
Hawthorn Orchid Aster
Marigold Meadowsweet Poppy
Bluebell Dahlia Pansy
Larkspur Mistletoe Iris
Hawkweed Zinnia Rose
Camellia Hyacinth Peachbell
Magnolia Cosmos

Code Name from ASTM-B232 ACSR
Thrasher Bluejay Gannet Flicker Guinea
Kiwi Curlew Flamingo Pelican Leghorn
Bluebird Ortolan Egret Lark QuailC
Chukar Tanager Scoter Ibis Minorca
Falcon Cardinal Grosbeak Brant RavenC
Lapwing Rail Rook Chickadee
Parrot Catbird Swift Oriole Petrel
Nuthatch Canary Kingbird Linnet RobinC
Plover Ruddy Teal Merlin Grouse
Bobolink Mallard WoodDuck Ostrich SparateC
Martin Condor Squab Partridge SparrowC
Dipper Tern Peacock Waxwing SwanateC
Pheasant Drake Eagle PenguinC SwanC
Bittern Cuckoo Dove Cochin .
Skylark Coot Parakeet Brahma TurkeyC
Grackle Redwing Osprey Dorking
Bunting Starling Hen Dotterel
Finch Stilt Hawk PigeonC

ACSR from BS215

Mole Racoon Wolf Deer
Squirrel Otter Caracal Zebra
Gopher Cat Lynx Eik
Weasel Hare Jaguar Camel
Fox Dog Panther Moose
Ferret Hyena Lion
Rabbit Leoperd Bear
Mink Coyotte Goat
Shunk Congar Sheep
Beaver Tiger Antilope
Horse Dingo Bizon

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