ABC-D 1kv Overhead Double-Insulated Spiral Cable for Power Distribution

ABC-D 1kv Overhead Double-Insulated Spiral Cable for Power Distribution

ABC-D 1kv Overhead Double-Insulated Spiral Cable for Power Distribution

ABC-D cable


Overhead Power Lines

Low and Medium Voltage Cable

AC Cable



Round Wire




ABC-D Cable


IEC, NFC33 209, VDE 0276

XLPE or Polyethylene


Max 65c

Hongda Cable

Wooden Drum or as Customer Requirement

25mm2 to 120mm2



Product Description

ABC-D 1kV overhead double-insulated spiral cable for power distribution


ABC-D is an overhead double-insulated 1 kV spiral cable for power distribution. The cable is designed for fixed installations in the air and ground. The design makes it possible to continue down the last pole into a connection box. Some customers even run the in pipes underground short distances. ABC-D can be delivered in coil or on drum.

Some important cable characteristics are :

  • Ultraviolet radiation resistance,
  • Ozone resistance,
  • High dielectric strength,
  • Light and easy to handle.


The bundled conductor cables have aluminum conductors, insulated with PE (polyethylene), they have good durability and thermal resistance.

1. Conductor Aluminium conductor with increased breaking load, round stranded compressed (RM)
2. Insulation Core insulation (PE (polyethylene) black, UV-resistant); 2 or 4 cores of equal cross section are stranded together in left hand lay, additionaly 1 core of reduced cross section can be costranded
  • core : circular stranded in AGS aluminum alloy, cross-section area from 16 to 120 mm²
  • 7 wires for cross-section up to 50mm²
  • 19 wires for cross-section above 70mm²
  • Insulation : Black PE
  • Mechanical resistance: more than 160N/mm²
  • Temperature: -15C – +65C


  • Rated voltage : 0.6/1 kV
  • Test voltage : 4 kV AC
  • Resistance to voltage surges : 1.2/50µs with a positive or negative polarity and a peak value of 20 kV.

1.4 Classification:
Low Voltage Cable Aerial Bundled Conductor, Twisted Cable
*Further information about rating factor for certain cable arrangement can be found on supplementary technical information.

Construction Conductor area Conductor diameter Wall thickness Part diameter Cable diameter Tensile strength Weight CCC*
  mm2   mm mm mm kN kg/km A
4×25 25 5.9 1.8 9.5 23.3 16.8 425 87
4×50 50 8.2 1.9 12.0 29.4 29.6 720 131
4×95 94 11.9 2.1 16.1 39.7 56.0 1360 205
4×120 120 13.1 2.5 18.1 44.3 70.7 1735 239
* Continuous current capacity estimatet value in air 30ºC

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