33kv Armored Single Core Copper XLPE 500mm Cable

33kv Armored Single Core Copper XLPE 500mm Cable

33kv Armored Single Core Copper XLPE 500mm Cable





IEC 60502


Aluminum Wire

Medium Voltage

90 Degress


15 Times Cable Diameter



Steel-Wood Drum Package

Henan, China (Mainland)

Product Description

Product Description


IEC 60502-2: Power cables with extruded insulation and their accessories for rated voltages from 1 kV (Um=1.2 kV) up to 30 kV (Um=36 kV) – Part 2: Cables for rated voltages from 6 kV (Um=7.2 kV) up to 30 kV (Um=36 kV)


This 33KV Single core copper xlpe 500mm cable is used in fixed power supplies of rated voltage 33KV and below. Adopting oxygen-free copper as its conductor, the cable has good conductivity and corrosion resistant performance. Aluminum wire armor allows the cable to bear considerable vertical pressures. Cables with other features (fire resistant, flame retardant, water blocking) are also available as per customer’s different requirements.

Product Details

1) Conductor: annealed plain copper, 61/3.25 mm

2) Conductor shape: round

3) Conductor screen: semi-conducting material, 0.8 mm

4) Insulation: XLPE, 8.0 mm

5) Insulation screen: semi-conducting material, 0.8 mm

6) Number of cores: 1

7) Inner sheath: PVC, 1.6 mm

8) Armor: hard-drawn aluminum armor, 69/2.5 mm

9) Outer sheath: PVC, 2.6 mm

10) Overall diameter: 65.5 mm

11) Net weight: 10200 kg/km

12) Max. working temperature: 90 degrees

13) Features: flame retardant, water block, fire resistant, etc.

14) Max. DC resistance @ 20: 0.0366 Ω/km

15) To reduce the cost, aluminum conductor cable available

Factory & Equipment
Our Service

Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support

* Product, packaging, delivery design

* Free samples

After-Sales Service

* Provide installation guidance

* Engineers available to service overseas

* One year product quality guarantee

Packing & Delivery
50cm (L) * 50cm (W) * 20cm (D) & below
30 KG & below
Packaging Details
1) Polyester tape packaging, usually used for cables with a diameter of 10mm and below

2) 100 meters (or other length required by customer) per roll
180cm (L) * 110cm (W) * 180cm (D)
2.0 T and below
Packaging Details
1) Wood or steel-wood drum

2) Packaging length as per customer’s requirements
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