3 Bolts Copper Aluminium Parallel Groove Clamp

3 Bolts Copper Aluminium Parallel Groove Clamp

3 Bolts Copper Aluminium Parallel Groove Clamp


Mild Steel,Nylon Plus Fiber Glass PA66

G Clamp





Low Voltage 1kv


Export Carton

PG clamp



Product Description

           APG-C1 ABC Cable Aerial Electrical Fittings Parallel groove coonectorsAL/AL


High strength aluminum alloy by forging. Surface treament:Bring.

Product property

AlPG is used for connecting or branching AAC, AAAC or ACSR overhead conductors. Forging creates a high strength clamp. Slotted holes allow adjustment for varying conductors on each side. Its type test is in accordance with IEC61238-1

APG-C1 AL  16-70 3 X M8 X 45
APG-C2 AL  16-150 3 X M8 X 50
APG-C3 AL  25-240 3 X M10 X 60
APG-C4 AL  35-300 3 X M10 X 70

(Performance testing) 
2.1 Mechanical performance:the grip force of the wire clamp is 1/10 bigger than the break force of the lead. It comply with GB2314-1997 
2.2 Temperature rise performance: under the conditìon of big current, the temperature rise of connector is less than that of connection lead.
2.3 Heat circle performance:confirms to GB/T2317.3-2000,the beat circle trial standard for electric fitting. 
2.4 Waterproof insulatìon performance:confirms to the relevant requirements in Part 2 of GB/TI3140.4-1998, 
2.5 Resistance to corrosion performance: under the conditìon of SO, and salt fog, it can do three tìmes of fourteen days circle testìng. 
2.6 Environmental aging performance:under the circumstance of ultraviolet, radiation, dry and moist, expose if with change of temperature and beat impulse for six weeks. 
2.7 Fire-proof performance: insulation material of the connector withstands glowing filament test. Confirm to the requirements in Chapter4-1 0 of GBrr5169.4

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