18/30kv XLPE Armor Power Cabe

18/30kv XLPE Armor Power Cabe

18/30kv XLPE Armor Power Cabe

Construction, Underground

Low and Medium Voltage Cable




Round Wire

Bare Copper Wire


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Yifang Cable

Wooden or Wooden-Steel Drum

single core & multicores

Zhengzhou, China


Product Description

Medium-Voltage power cables offer an economical, rugged and reliable alternative to labor-intensive cable in conduit wiring methods.
Installed on metal racks, troughs, in raceways, in cable trays or secured to supports spaced not more than six feet apart.
Installed in both exposed and concealed work, wet or dry locations, directly buried.

Conductor: Class B Compressed concentric strand or soft drawn annealed copper per ASTM B3. 
Conductor Shield: Extruded thermosetting semiconducting shield which is free stripping from the conductor and bonded to the insulation
Insulation: Extruded, Tree-Retardant Cross-linked Polyethylene (TRXLPE) as defined in ANSI/ICEA S-94-649
Insulation Shield: Extruded thermosetting semiconducting shield with controlled adhesion to the insulation providing the required balance between electrical integrity and ease of stripping. 
Metallic Shield: The metallic shield is flat uncoated 5-mil thick copper tape helically applied with minimum 20% overlap. A Mylar ribbon is longitudinally applied under the copper tape shield for phase identification – 1C w/Red, 1C w/Blue, and 1C w/None. 
Grounding Conductors: Three bare stranded copper conductor, one in each interstice. 
Fillers: Non hydroscopic fillers, forming a firm and cylindrical cable core. 
Binder Tape: A binder tape is applied to maintain core symmetry and mechanical stability. 
Jacket: Black, sunlight resistant, flame retardant PVC jacket tightly applied over the binder tape. 


  • AEIC CS8, Specifications for Shielded Power Cable, 5-46kV
  • ICEA S-93-639, 5-46 kV Shielded Power Cable
  • ICEA S-97-682, Utility Shielded Power Cable Rated 5-46 kV
  • UL 1072 MV-105
  • IEEE- IEEE 383 Flame Test
  • For 105°C continuous, 140°C emergency, 250°C short-circuit operation.
  • CSA Standard C68.5-07 File # 257759 Primary Shielded and Concentric Neutral Cable for Distribution



Ampacities are based on three Phase Operation

In Duct (2011 NEC Table 310.15(B)(80): Three-conductor cable in plastic duct, direct-buried, 90°C conductor temperature, 20°C ambient temperature, earth RHO of 90°C-cm/Watt, and 100% load factor, and shields short-circuited.

Isolated in Air (2011 NEC Table 310.15(B)(72)): Three-conductor cable, 90°C conductor temperature, and 40°C ambient temperature, and shields grounded at one point only.

In Cable Tray: Per 2011 NEC 392.80(B)(1)(b), for single conductor cables, sizes 1/0 AWG and larger, installed in a single layer in an uncovered table tray, with a maintained space of not less than one cable diameter between individual conductors, the ampacities shall not exceed the allowable ampacities stated in 2011 NEC Table 310.15(B)(72) (Aluminum), "Isolated in Air" values noted above.


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