16 mm2 Solidal Al Service Cable with 4 Communication Cable

16 mm2 Solidal Al Service Cable with 4 Communication Cable

16 mm2 Solidal Al Service Cable with 4 Communication Cable



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Product Description

The concentric cable is used as electric service entrance from the power distribution network until the meter panel (especially where it is required to prevent "black" losses or electric power robbery), and as feeder cable from the meters panel until the panel or general distribution panel, just as it is specified in the National Electrical Code.
This type of conductor can be used in dry and wet places, directly buried or outdoors; its maximum temperature of operation is 90 ºC and its voltage of service for all the applications is 600 V.
ASTM IEC  BS and so on
Construction of concentric cable
1.Solid or stranded aluminium conductor
2.Insulation with XLPE or PE or PVC
3.For two conductor cable, it is applied a helical mesh of copper wires over the central conductor,
4.For three or four conductors cable , parallel conductor or stranded conductor
5.PVC filler
6.Helical mesh of copper wires
7. Wrapping tape
8.Black color jacket of PE or PVC
Voltage: 600/1000v 
Bending Radius:
Single core: 20D ± 0.05, multi-core: 15D ± 0.05
Temperature Rating: 0°C to 70°C

1 Insulation Voltage V 600/1000
2  Conductor size mm2 16
3 Phase Conductor material N/A Hard drawn Aluminum conductor – single core
4 Insulation Material N/A XLPE
5 Earth wire material type N/A Bare Aluminum conductor
6 Rip Chord N/A Nylon
7 Reference Standard N/A SANS 1507, NRS 063
IEC 60502/228
ES1 09-7
8 Phase conductor Insulation thickness mm 1.0
  Construction(Phase conductor)    
9 Structure mm 1/4.4~4.5
10 Insulation Thickness mm 1.0
11 Reference Insulation O.D mm 6.5
  Construction(Earth Wire)    
12 Structure Numbers 13
13 Wire Structure N/A 13/1.3
  Construction(Pilot/Communication Wires)    
14 Structure mm2 4X0.5
15 Reference Insulation O.D mm 1.3
16 Conductor material N/A Copper
17 Insulation Material N/A LLPDE
18 Number of conductors Numbers 4
19 Nominal Thickness mm 1.6
20 Reference Insulation O.D mm 14.5
21 Sheath Material N/A LLPDE Black UV stable
  Insulation material colours    
22 Phase conductor N/A Red
23 Pilot wires (04) N/A Red, Green, White, Blue
24 Sheath N/A Black
  Performance (Electrical Characteristics)    
25 Phase Conductor – Maximum resistance at 200C Ω/km ≤1.91
26 Earth Wires- Maximum resistance at 200C Ωkm ≤7.40
27 Pilot Wires- Maximum resistance at 200C Ω/km ≤36

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