12/20 Kv Cu / XLPE / Cws/ PVC DIN VDE 0276-620 N2xsey Power Cable

12/20 Kv Cu / XLPE / Cws/ PVC DIN VDE 0276-620 N2xsey Power Cable

12/20 Kv Cu / XLPE / Cws/ PVC DIN VDE 0276-620 N2xsey Power Cable




Red Copper Wire

Round Wire



DC Cable

Low and Medium Voltage Cable

Construction, Overhead, Underground, Industrial, Power Station, Telecommunication

12/20 Kv Cu/XLPE/Cws/PVC (DIN VDE 0276-620) N2xse

Black, Red, Yellow/Green Grey or According to You

IEC, VDE or According to You.

Steel Wire or Steel Tape or Aluminium Wire


Steel&Wooden Drum




Product Description

                12/20 Kv Cu/XLPE/Cws/PVC (DIN VDE 0276-620) N2xsey Power Cable

1,Long term working temperature for the cable with PVC insulated is 70ºC;
Long term working temperature for the cable with XLPE insulated is 90ºC
2,Short circuit temperature
For PVC insulated cable ,the highest conductor temperature is not more than160ºC.(lasting time not over 5 seconds).
For XLPE insulated cable ,the highest conductor temperature is not more than250ºC.(Lasting time is not over 5 seconds).
3,Laying temperature not less than 0ºC and the drop height is out of consideration.
4,The cable with chemical stability, anti- acid, anti-alkali, anti-oil, anti-organic solvent, not easy to be burning.
5,Easy for installation, easy bending and light
6,Bending ratio:

Item Single core Three cores
Non armor With armor Non armor With armor
Min bending radius during installation 20D 15D 15D 12D
Near joint box or cable terminal, bending with care and use templet 15D 12D 12D 10D
Note:D is the diameter of cable

Rated Voltage :0..6/6kV,3.6/6kV. 
Conductor of cables can be Copper and Aluminum. The cables can be single core, two cores, three cores, four cores(including three main cores and neutral).five cores (including three main cores and neutral and one earthing core, Four main cores and one neutral).The cables can be with armor and without armor.
Rated voltage 6kV (Um=7.2) and 35kV (Um=40.5)
XLPE insulated cable has good electrical and physical properties, resistant to aging, resistant to the environment stress and chemical corrosion operation, with the characteristics of simple structure, easy to use, no drop-height restriction when laying, higher long-term working temperature (90ºC).
This product is manufactured according to  GB/T12706 (eqvIEC60502), GB/T18380-2001(eqv. IEC60332),GB/T19216 (IEC60311) and /or the BS, DIN and/or other types of international standards.And we also design and produce cables according to the requirement of our clients.


Item Category    A ,B 3.6/6kV 6/10kV 8.7/15kV 12/20kV 18/30kV 21/35kV
Category    A ,B 6/6kV 8.7/10kV 12/15kV 18/20kV 26/35kV
Single core mm2 25-1200 25-1200 35-1200 50-1200 50-1200 50-1200
Three core mm2 25-400 25-400 35-400 50-400 50-400 50-400

The cable with Category A rated voltage is used in the situation requiring not over 1 min. of grounding fault lasting time. For the cable with Category B rated voltage, the grounding fault lasting time normally is not over 1 hour, max. lasting time is not over 8 hours, annual ground fault lasting time altogether should not be over 125 hours, Category C includes all the system expect Category A and B.

Number of cores and cross-section Shape of conductor Conductor diameter Nominal insulation thickness Diameter over insulation Nominal thickness sheath Outer diameter (approx.) Bending radius (min.) Weight (approx.)
    (approx.)   (approx.)        
mm2   mm mm mm mm mm mm kg/km
1×35/16 RM 7.2 3.4 15.3 2.5 24 360 582
1×50/16 RM 8.3 3.4 16.4 2.5 25 375 644
1×70/16 RM 9.8 3.4 17.9 2.5 26 390 727
1×95/16 RM 11.3 3.4 19.4 2.5 28 420 830
1×120/16 RM 12.8 3.4 20.9 2.5 30 450 929
1×150/25 RM 14.2 3.4 22.3 2.5 31 465 1114
1×185/25 RM 15.8 3.4 23.9 2.5 32 480 1250
1×240/25 RM 18.1 3.4 26.2 2.5 35 525 1457
1×300/25 RM 20.2 3.4 28.3 2.5 37 555 1680
1×400/35 RM 23.3 3.4 31.4 2.5 40 600 2114
1×500/35 RM 26.5 3.4 34.6 2.5 43 645 2483
1×630/35 RM 29.9 3.4 38 2.5 47 705 2930
1×800/35 RM 34.2 3.4 42.3 2.6 51 765 3528
1×1000/35 RM 38.1 3.4 46.2 2.7 57 855 4422
1×1200/35 RM 41.2 3.4 49.3 2.8 59 885 4824

Packing in plastic reel, paper reel ,wooden drum,steel wooden drum or as customer’s requirement.

5.Our factory:
People’s Cable Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, located in Zhengzhou Gongyi economic development zone. Our company has 2 factories (Zhitian factory and Zhulin factory), occupies total area of more than 300,000 square meters, with building area 230,000 square meters. 

As first rank of the cable supplier in China, we have obtained CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS certificates, passed the SGS and BV test, and our brand "RMJT" be given China famous brand.

7.Customer Visit:
We have a professional sales team with each of them has engaged in this job for 3-10 years, so that we can provide the comprehensive and professional technology for you. With the perfect quality and after sales service, till now we have exported to more than 80 countries, welcome to visit us and establish win-win establish relationship!

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