0.6/1kv Aluminum XLPE Swa PVC Power Cable 4X95mm2

0.6/1kv Aluminum XLPE Swa PVC Power Cable 4X95mm2

0.6/1kv Aluminum XLPE Swa PVC Power Cable 4X95mm2

Construction, Underground, Industrial, Power Station

Low and Medium Voltage Cable

AC Cable



Round Wire

Bare Copper Wire




Single, 2/3/4/ 3+1/5 Cores



Yifang Cable

Wooden Drum or Steel Wooden Drum


Henan, China


Product Description

                               0.6/1kv copper pvc power cable for low voltage

1. Application:

The 0.6/1kv xlpe power cables can be used for laying indoor, tunnel, underground and canal.

2. Performance Characteristics:

  The max conductor temperature for XLPE insulation is 90 degree, for PVC is 70 degree.

  The max short circuit temperature is 250 degree, for PVC insulated is 160 degree not more than 5s.

3. Constructure:

Conductor: the conductor is the style 1 or 2 of IEC 60228.

Insulation material:
(1) thermoplasticity material:PVC ( polyvinyl chloride)   max condutor temperature 70C

(2) thermoset material: XLPE ( crosslinked polyethylene)  max condutor temperature 90C

inner covering and filler:  the extruding and wrapping can both be used for inner covering layer.

                                        if it’s multi-core cable, it need to be filled full before wrapping;

                                       The binder tape can be used before extruded inner covering layer.

Metallic armour: The round or steel/aluminium wire or tape can all be used for armouring layer according to different application.

4. Pictures show:

5. Company profile:

Zhengzhou Yifang Electric Group Inc. was found in 1998, with 140000sq area, more than 300 employees.

Our products involve low, medium and high voltage, from 1kv to 220kv, including PE/PVC/XLPE insulated power cable, ABC overhead cable, building wire, control cable, rubber cable, welding cable, bare conductor etc.

After years’ development, we have gained good reputation from our clients in Asia, Afria, Latin-America, Middle-east, Europe, etc,  and become one of the powerful manufacturer and exporters in China.

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