0.6/1kv ABC Cable 4X95 +2X25 mm2

0.6/1kv ABC Cable 4X95 +2X25 mm2

0.6/1kv ABC Cable 4X95 +2X25 mm2

ABC Cable 4X95 +2X25 mm2

Low Voltage







Wooden Drum

Henan, China (Mainland)

Product Description

Product Description
Quick Details
Place of Origin: Henan, China (Mainland), Henan, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JINSHUI, jinshui
Insulation Material: XLPE
Type: Low Voltage
Application: Construction, for overhead service applications
Conductor Material: Aluminum
Jacket: NONE
Surface Treatment: Enameled Wire
Alloy Or Not: Is Alloy
Model Number: B232, BS215, DIN48214

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: drum

Quadruplex Service Drop (ABC cable ) ACSR for Power tranmission, used for rebuilding of urban and forest regions. Which Aerial insulation ABC cableDetailed Product DescriptionSingle core aerial cable(overhead cable)conductor: cooper or aluminiuminsulation:XLPE, PE, PVCApplicationOverhead insulated cable may be installed in the streets with dense trees close to the buildings, site of urban construction and lead to transformer. Using this cable, it is unnecessary to prune the branches, so that reduce the across and parallel distance of the cable. It is convenient to install and high mobility. It can reduce accidents of electric shock and power failure causing by circuit troubles. To guarantee supplying of electric power for industry, Single core aerial cable (overhead cable) could make sure residents safety. It is especially suitable for an old city, which has densely buildings, densely population and narrow streets. Our overhead insulated cables have formed a system, such as single core, two-core, three-core and four-core. There are conductors of aluminum, copper or aluminum conductors steel-reinforced.

Description Unit Data
4×95 +2×25 mm2
2 Standards IEC 60502
3 Nominal voltage (Uo/U) KV 0.6/1kv
4 Phase/ Netural material AAC/AAC
5 Cross-section of phase conductor. mm2 95
6 No. Of strands wires/Single wire diameter 19/2.59
7 Diameter of phase conductor mm 11.6
8 Thickness of insulation with PE mm 1.6
9 External diameter of individual core mm 14.8
10 Cross sectional of neutral wire Mm2 25
11 No. Of strands Aluminum wire/Single diameter 7/2.14
12 Diameter of neutral wire mm 6.42
13 Thickness of Insulation with PE mm 1.2
14 Diameter of Neutral mm 8.82
15 Total weight of bundle per k kg/km 1454
16 Maximum DC resistance / km at 20°C

  • Phase conductors
  • Neutral conductor

Ω /km
Ω /km


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