H07bn4-F, 450/750 V, Flexible Rubber Cable (VDE 0482-332-1-2)

H07bn4-F, 450/750 V, Flexible Rubber Cable (VDE 0482-332-1-2)

H07bn4-F, 450/750 V, Flexible Rubber Cable (VDE 0482-332-1-2)




Handling Equipment




Round Wire


ISO9001, CCC


450-750 V


1.5-16 Mm2


DingAn or OEM

Heated Steel-Wooden Drum/Wooden Drum


Jiangsu Yixing, China


Product Description

H07bn4-F, 450/750 V, Flexible Rubber Cable (VDE 0482-332-1-2)
Halogen free oil- and weather resistant cable for connection to moveable items and motors, outdoors, in spaces with fire and explosion risks, in humid rooms with corrosive contents and in hostile surroundings, e. G. In industry and agriculture. Also for fixed installation in temporary buildings and cabins. Suitable for working sites. Use up to 1000 V AC is permitted for fixed, pro tected installation (in conduit or appliances) and also for motor connections of hoisting motors and the like. Max direct voltage 742/1238 V DC.

Fire propagation class
F2 acc. To IEC 60332-1

Temperature range
In continuous operation
Max. Conductor temp 90 º C
The cable is flexible down to: -50 º C

Bending radius
6 x overall diameter

Max tensile stress (N)
Total copper area x 15 N/mm2

Conductor: Flexible and annealed copper acc. To IEC 60228 class 5
Insulation: EPDM-rubber class EI6, EI7
Core identification: 2-core: Blue, brown
3-core: Green/yellow, blue, brown
4-core: Green/yellow, brown, black, grey
5-core: Green/yellow, blue, brown, black, grey
7-core: Green/yellow, 6 cores black number-marked 1-6
Sheath: Weather- and oil-res istant rubber, halogen free. Fulfills class EM2, EM6 and EM7
Marking e. G.: DRAKAFLEX-TARMO H07BN4-F 5G2, 5 mm² <HAR>

Number of cores x cross-section of conductor Overall diameter (approx.) Weight (approx.)
mm2 mm kg/100 m
4G4 15,2 34,4
4G6 16,8 45,1
4G10 22,9 80,1
4G16 24,6 111,3
5G1,5 11,6 18,1
5G1,5 11,6 18,1
5G2,5 13,5 26,7
5G2,5 13,5 26,7
5G6 18,3 52,9
5G10 25,5 95,4
5G16 28,5 136,7
7G1,5 14,8 30,9
7G2,5 17,4 43,5

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