Bare Conductor ACSR Cable BS 215-2 Dog Rabit Racoon

Bare Conductor ACSR Cable BS 215-2 Dog Rabit Racoon

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Bare Conductor ACSR Cable BS 215-2 Dog Rabit Racoon

Hnbf Cable

ISO9001, CE, CCC, RoHS

Overhead Power Transmission

Round Wire


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HNBF Cable

Exported Wooden Drum or Rolls

ACSR Conductor



Product Details

Bare Conductor ACSR BS 215-2 DOG Rabit Racoon

Product Discription


ACSR Conductor have been widely used in power transmission lines with various voltage levels,because they have such good characteristics as simple structure,convenient installation and maintenance,low cost large transmission capacity.And they are also suitable for laying across rivers valleys and the places where special geographical features exist.

Service Performance

(1).The permissible long-time operating temperature for aerial conductor is 70oC.
(2).Under the circumstance that rare climate is occuring and ice coverage rate low in heavy ice area,the biggest stress of cable at the lowest point of the sag should not exceed 60% of the short-time destructive power.
(3).When connecting conductors,the conductor beside the connecting tube cant be prominent.Otherwise,the force on the operating conductors will be unbalanced.After connectors are install,the connecting tube should be painted by moisture-proof varnish in order to protect it from corrosion.
(4).Under installaion,the arc downing stress of all the conductors should be the same.With in the permissible distance of crossing buildings or dropping to the ground,the stress can be 10-15% higher than regular stress.

Bare Conductor Types

(1) all aluminum conductor (AAC)
(2) all aluminum alloy conductor(AAAC)
(3) aluminum conductor steel reinforced (ACSR)
(4)aluminum conductor aluminum alloy reinforced(ACAR)

Part of Technical Data:

Code Name Nominal AWG/MCM Alum. Area Steel Area Total Area Alum. Stranding Steel Stranding Approx. Overall Diameter Weight Nominal breaking load Max. D.C. Resiatance at 20ºC
  AWG/mcm mm2 mm2 mm2 mm mm mm kg/km kN Ω/km
Sparrow 2AWG 33.61 8.52 39.22 7/2.47 1/3.30 8.24 159 16.11 0.8535
Packing and Delivery

Woven Bag wrapping(soft packing/rolls) size: 
Advantages: low price, light weight and space saving.
Disadvantages: workers are inconvenient to use (cannot roll), production is slightly troublesome, and labor costs are slightly higher.

Wooden Drum Packing Details: The wooden drum will be fumigated. In order to prevent rolling, it will also be reinforced with environmentally friendly materials. This packaging method is easy to construct, easy to install, easy to produce, but slightly more expensive.

Wooden Steel Drum:  Packing Details: This wooden-steel drum is suitable for cables with an outer diameter of more than 30mm. Packing Details: Usually use international wooden drums and rolls, can also as buyer’s requirements. The Package size will according to the cable’s size.

Our Factory

The annual production capacity is 1,450,000.00 km cables and wires. In our factory, there are above 300 staffs totally including workers and supervisors, besides, we also have our own rights for importation and exportation. Our main products are Bare Conductor(acsr, acar, aaac, aac), ABC Cable(aerial bundled cable), Electrical Wire, and Power Cable.


Our company has passed ISO 9000 quality management system certification, ISO 9000 occupational health and safety management system certification, ISO 9000 environmental management system certification, CCC China National Compulsory Product Certification, CE Certificate of Conformity, and Rohs.

International Fair
We participate in the Canton Fair and foreign exhibitions every year. Our products sales network has covered more than 20 provinces and municipalities in China. Most of products are sold to many countries for overseas marketing including the following areas like South America, North America, Latin America, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe etc.
Why Choose Us?

Our advantages
* Advanced production and testing equipment.
* Strict controlling of raw materials.
* Raw material origin, factory direct sales, competitive price.
* Inquiry and consulting support.
* Free sample and sample testing support.
* Fast delivery.
* Good pre-sale and after-sale services.

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