0.6/1 Kv Al/XLPE 2*50+50mm2 Service Drop ABC Cable Triplex Cable

0.6/1 Kv Al/XLPE 2*50+50mm2 Service Drop ABC Cable Triplex Cable

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0.6/1 Kv Al/XLPE 2*50+50mm2 Service Drop ABC Cable Triplex Cable

2*50+50mm2 ABC Cable

Hnbf Cable


Overhead, Industrial, Power Station

Round Wire


No Sheath






ISO9001, CE, CCC, ISO14001, Pccc



15 Days


More Than 20 Years


HNBF Cable

Wooden Drum or or According to Your Request


Henan, China


Product Details

Product Discription


The cables are designed for aerial power lines and room-entrance wires with AC rated voltage from 0.6/1kV to 6/10kV.

Duplex service drop

To supply 120 volt aerial service for temporary service at construction sites,outdoorr or street lighting.For service at 600 volts or lower ar a conductor temperature of 75 °Cmaximum.

Triplex service drop

To supply power from the utility’s lines to the consumer’s weatherhead.For service at 600 volts or less (pahse to phase) at a conductor temperature of 75°Cmaximum for polyethylene insulation or 90°C maximum for crosslinked insulation.

Quadruplex service drop

Used to supply 3 phase power,usually from a pole-mounted transformer,to the user’s service head where connection to the service entrance cable is made.To be used at voltage of 600 volts or less phase to phase and at conductor temperature no to exceed 75°C for polyethylene insulated conductor or 90°C for crosslinked polyethylene insulated conductors.


Phase Conductor: Aluminum Conductor.

Phase Insulation: XLPE, PE or PVC, generally use XLPE.

Neutral Conductor: AAC, AAAC or ACSR, generally use AAAC.

Lighting Cable(In NFC-33 209 Standard): Aluminum Conductor XLPE/PE/PVC insulated.

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Product Specifications 

Goods Description Specification (mm2)  Conductor    (No./mm) Insulation Thickness/mm Cable Overall Diameter/mm 20ºC Conductor DC Resistance (Ω/km) Cable Weight (kg/km)
ABC Cable, Aluminium Conductor, XLPE/PE Insulation              2×10+10 7/1.35 1.0  12.7  3.08 126.25 
2×16+16 7/1.7 1.2  15.7  1.91 198.58 
2×25+25 7/2.2 1.2  18.4  1.20 285.15 
2×35+35 7/2.56 1.4  21.5  0.868 394.01 
2×50+50 7/3.05 1.4  24.5  0.641 524.55 
2×70+70 19/2.2 1.4  28.1  0.443 714.16 
2×95+95 19/2.56 1.6  32.5  0.320 967.29 
2×120+120 19/2.85 1.6  35.8  0.253 1189.81 
2×150+150 37/2.34 1.8  40.0  0.206 1486.23 
2×185+185 37/2.56 2.0  44.5  0.164 1835.92 
2×240+240 37/2.95 2.2  50.3  0.125 2385.02 
2×10+10(Bare) 7/1.35 1.0  11.6  3.08 111.02 
2×16+16(Bare) 7/1.7 1.2  14.4  1.91 175.67 
2×25+25(Bare) 7/2.2 1.2  17.0  1.20 257.68 
2×35+35(Bare) 7/2.56 1.4  19.8  0.868 356.18 
2×50+50(Bare) 7/3.05 1.4  22.7  0.641 480.38 
2×70+70(Bare) 19/2.2 1.4  26.3  0.443 663.03 
2×95+95(Bare) 19/2.56 1.6  30.4  0.320 899.35 
2×120+120(Bare) 19/2.85 1.6  33.6  0.253 1113.56 
2×150+150(Bare) 37/2.34 1.8  37.4  0.206 1390.41 
2×185+185(Bare) 37/2.56 2.0  41.6  0.164 1717.70 
2×240+240(Bare) 37/2.95 2.2  47.1  0.125 2237.39 

Packing and Delivery
There are three ways of packing: wooden-drum, steel-wooden drum or steel drum, or according to your request. The wooden drum is lighter, but it`s load bearing is limited, so generally choose the wooden drum when the cable outer diameter is small and the weight is light, choose the wood-steel drum when the cable outer diameter is big and the weight is heavy. But we can design drum sizes or choose durms according to client`s request like quanity or weight of per drum.

Company Profile

We(Henan Baofeng CaBLE Co., Ltd. ) are a professional cable manufacture which integrates production and sales together. Our factory is located in the Science and Technology Industrial Park of Gongyi, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. We have advanced production and testing equipment, made from domestic and abroad countries. More than 300 staffs working in our factory, we can manufacture 1, 450, 000.00 km cables each year, and we have passed series of quality management system certifications, like ISO9001, CCC , ROHS, CE etc. Products have been sold to many countries like UK, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, USA, Canada, Madagascar, South Africa etc. 
Our principle is quality first, to make customers satisfied. 
Our goal is to build a long-term and steady cooperative relationship with our customers, they can get high-quality products with competitive price, and we can get profits, finally we achieve a win-win situation. 


We actively take part in domestic and oversea exhibitions every year, like Canton Fair. Exhibitions are a great opportunity for us to communicate face-to-face with our customers. Customers would have a better understanding of our company and products, we would better know and try to meet their needs, and it is easy to reach cooperation after such communication, so our products have been sold to many countries for oversea marketing.


We have passed series of certifications like ISO, CE, CCC, RoHS, PCCC etc.

Our advantages

* Advanced production and test equipment. 
* Strict production quality control system. 
* Local raw materials, competitive price. 
* The best quality at the same price. 
* Fast delivery. 
* Good pre-sale and after-sale services. 

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