Yjv Yjv22 Yjv32 0.6/1kv Cu/XLPE/PVC Steel Wire or Tape Armour Power Cable

Yjv Yjv22 Yjv32 0.6/1kv Cu/XLPE/PVC Steel Wire or Tape Armour Power Cable

Yjv Yjv22 Yjv32 0.6/1kv Cu/XLPE/PVC Steel Wire or Tape Armour Power Cable


Construction, Underground, Power Station

Low and Medium Voltage Cable

AC Cable



Round Wire

Bare Copper Wire





Stranded Copper Wire

Cross-Linked Polyethylene

Steel Wire Armour or Steel Tape Armour


1,2,3,4,5,3+1,3+2,4+1 Cores


Factory Direct to Sell




Standard Export Drum

IEC6050 BS5467

Henan, China


Product Description


YJV YJV22 YJV32 0.6/1KV CU/XLPE/PVC steel wire or tape armour power cable

1 Product Standard
This product is manufactured according to GB/T12706.1, equivalent to IEC60502.1. Or BS, DIN, ICEA standard as customer request. 
2 Application
The product is suitable for power transmission and distribution lines with rated power frequency voltage up to and including 0.6/1KV.
Operating Performance
1). Rated power frequency voltage Uo/U: 0.6/1KV.
2). Max. Permissible continuous operating temperature of conductor: 90ºC
3). Max. Short-circuit temperature of the conductor shall not exceed: (5S maximum duration) 250ºC
4). The ambient temperature under installation should not below 0ºC
5). The bending radius of a cable should not be less than 15 times of the cable diameter.
6). The test voltage (A.C.): 3.5kV/5min.
7). The flame-retardant properties of cable comply with grade A, B, C of GB/T19666-2005 or IEC60332.
3 Construction:

Standard: BS6622, BS EN/IEC 60228,IEC60502.2
Conductor: Class 2 stranded plain copper conductor to BS EN 60228:2005 (previously BS6360)
Conductor screen: Semi-conducting material
Insulation: XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) Type GP8 to BS7655
Insulation Screen: Semi-conducting material
Metallic Screen: Individual and overall copper tape screen to BS6622
Filler: PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) fibres
Separator: Binding tape
Bedding: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Type TM1 to BS7655

Single Core: Aluminium Wire Armoured (AWA)
MultiCore: Steel Wire Armoured (SWA)
Sheath: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Type TM1 to BS7655
Colour: Red or Black

4 Type and Name:

Type Designation Applications
YJV Copper conductor,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed power cable For laying indoors,in tunnel or cable trench,unable to bear external mechanical forces.
Single core cable is not allowed to laid in magnetic duct.
YJLV Aluminum conductor,XLPE insulated,PVC sheathed power cable
YJY Copper conductor, XLPE insulated,PE sheathed power cable
YJLY Aluminum conductor, XLPE insulated,PE sheathed power cable
YJV22 Copper conductor,XLPE insulated,steel tape armoured,PVC sheathed power cable For laying indoors,in tunnel in cable trench,or direct in ground,
able to bear external mechanical forces.Single core cable is not allowed to laid in magnetic duct.
YJLV22 Aluminum conductor,XLPE insulated,steel tape armoured,PVC sheathed power cable
YJV23 Copper conductor,XLPE insulated,steel tape armoured,PE sheathed power cable
YJLV23 Aluminum conductor,XLPE insulated,steel tape armoured,PE sheathed power cable
YJV32 Copper conductor,XLPE insulated,steel wire armoured,PVC sheathed power cable For laying indoors,in tunnel cable trench,well or direct in ground,
able to bear external mechanical forces and certain pulling force.
YJLV32 Aluminum conductor,XLPE insulated,steel wire armoured,PVC sheathed power cable
YJV33 Copper conductor,XLPE insulated,steel wire armoured,PE sheathed power cable
YJLV33 Aluminum conductor,XLPE insulated,steel wire armoured,PE sheathed power cable

 5 Specification:

Type No. of cores Nom. Cross-section of conductor
Copper conductor Aluminum conductor
YJV  YJY 1 1.5-800
YJLV  YJLY 2.5-800
YJV22  YJV23 YJLV22  YJLY23 10-800
YJV  YJY 2 1.5-300
YJLV  YJLY 2.5-300
YJV22  YJV23 YJLV22  YJLY23 4.0-300
YJV32  YJV33 YJLV32  YJLY33 10-300
YJV  YJY 3 1.5-400
YJLV  YJLY 2.5-400
YJV22  YJV23 YJLV22  YJLY23 4.0-400
YJV32  YJV33 YJLV32  YJLY33 10-400
YJV  YJY 4 1.5-400
YJLV YJLY 2.5-400
YJV22  YJV23 YJLV22  YJLY23 4.0-400
YJV32  YJV33 YJLV32  YJLY33 10-400
YJV  YJY 3+1 1.5-400
YJLV  YJLY 4.0-400
YJV22  YJV23 YJLV22  YJLY23 4. 0-400
YJV32  YJV33 YJLV32  YJLY33 10-400
YJV  YJY 5 1.5-400
YJLV  YJLY 2.5-400
YJV22  YJV23 YJLV22  YJLY23 4.0-400
YJV32  YJV33 YJLV32  YJLY33 10-400
YJV  YJY 4+1 1.5-400
YJLV  YJLY 4.0-400
YJV22  YJV23 YJLV22  YJLY23 4. 0-400
YJV32  YJV33 YJLV32  YJLY33 10-400
YJV  YJY 3+2 1.5-400
YJLV  YJLY 4.0-400
YJV22  YJV23 YJLV22  YJLY23 4. 0-400
YJV32  YJV33 YJLV32  YJLY33 10-400
The armoured single core cables are used for D.C. system only. As for A.C. system,non-magnetic armour material should be used, or a magnetic isolation should be applied.


6 Packing:Standard export drum,500meters/rdum,1000meters/drum or as your requirment.

7 Certificate:

We are one of China top rank cable&wire manufacturer.Our products meet standards of GB, IEC DIN ASTM, JIS, NF, AS/NZS CSA GOST and so on. At thte same time, we have obtained ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001, UL,CE,KEMA, TUV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd,IEC,GL,SA,NK,KR certificate
USA is our main market. We have many distributors from USA companies. And we have obtained UL certifications for many products, such as TC cable, DLO cable,RHH/RHW/RHW-2/XHH/XHHW/XHHW-2/SIS, THHN/THHW/THW/THW-2/THWN/THWN-2/TW,SER/SEU/USE/USE-2/MHF, MV-90/MV-105,TC cable,MC cable,DLO,type DG,PV wire,AC Cable,Soow,Welding cable  and so on.

Our factory:

Established in 1993, Henan Jinyuan Wires and Cables Group Co., Ltd covers an area more than 220,000 square meters, owning more than 420 sets manufacturing equipment and more than 250 sets of testing equipment or apparatus. Our annual production capacity is 3 billionYuan.Now there are more than 800 employers in our company, among which more than 150 are technicians. With the continuous efforts from all the employers, Henan Jinyuan Wires and Cables Group Co., Ltd has realized great development to become a modern enterprise and one of the comprehensive, largescale enterprises in domestic wire and cable industry. Our products are widely used in the field of electric power, coal, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, railway, national defense, construction, aviation and other national key projects. Our products have extensive influence and good reputation in both domestic and worldwide market, such as the United States, Holland, Italy, Russia, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Ghana, Algeria,Congo, Middle East and Southeast Asia and so on.

9 Our Service:

1.How many year have our factory producing power cable?
Our factory produce power cable for 22 years.
2 Hong Long time the customer can get the new price after get your inquiry?
 Usually , It is only one hour is ok for us , because we are factory , we caculate the price by ourself.
3.Which port our factory is near to?   Tianjin port
4.Which payment term do we accept?
 T/T 30% in advance and balance before shiping the product or L/C 100% at sight both is ok.
5.What about the package for our power cable?
 It is usually packed in strong wooden drum.The drum size is usually:2.0m x 1.25m x 1.12m x 1.4m which suitable for container , we can do it according to customer requirments.
6.How long meter power cable for one wooden drum?
  This is according to power cable’s diameter and customer’s requirments.
7.How about our delivery time?
  According to your order’s quantity , for 1million meters power cable, it is only 25 working days is ok.
8.Do we provide sample for free?
  Yes , we provide the sample to you for free , you only paid for the delivery freight is ok.


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