Type Shd-Gc, Mining Cable, Cu/Epr/CPE, 3/C, 15kv (ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58)

Type Shd-Gc, Mining Cable, Cu/Epr/CPE, 3/C, 15kv (ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58)

Type Shd-Gc, Mining Cable, Cu/Epr/CPE, 3/C, 15kv (ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58)








Round Wire


ISO9001, CCC


15 Kv

2-4/0 AWG or Mcm


DingAn or OEM

Heated Steel-Wooden Drum/Steel Drum


Jiangsu Yixing, China


Product Description

Type SHD-GC, Mining Cable, Cu/Epr/CPE, 3/C, 15kv (ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58)

Meets all requirements of ICEA S-75-381. Reformulated compounds suitable for CV curing, developed to meet the high level of physical properties required in service.


Trailing cable on ac mining equipment where service conditions are severe and maximum safety is mandatory; such as power shovels and drag lines in open-pit mines, quarries, gantry cranes and slag reclaiming. Used for high voltage distribution in underground mines where frequent relocation is necessary or where extra flexibility and toughness is desired.

ICEA S-75-381/NEMA WC-58 Portable and Power Feeder Cables for Use in Mines and Similar Applications.

Maximum operating voltage: 15 kV
Maximum conductor operation temperature: 90 °C wet or dry locations under normal operating conditions.

Engineering Information

1. Phase, Grounding and Ground Check Conductors: Soft or annealed tinned coated copper conductor, rope lay flexible stranding per ASTM B172 or bunched stranding per ASTM B174.
2. Conductor Separator: May be applied over the conductor.
3. Insulation: High quality, heat, moisture, ozone and, thermosetting ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) meeting ICEA S-75-381.

4. Insulation Shield: An overlapped semiconducting tape shall be applied over the insulation.
5. Ground Check: Thermosetting insulation yellow colored for identification.

6. Metallic Component: A composite fiber-copper braid shield, tinned coated copper wires, with colored fibers for phase identification (black, white, red).
7. Assembly: Phase conductors cabled together with nonhygroscopic fillers as required and a binder tape.
8. Jacket: Black heavy duty chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) compound, applied in one layer over a fibrous reinforcement layer.

Phase Conductor Size Number of Strands Size of Each Strand Nominal Insulation Thickness Ground Conductor Size Nominal Outer Jackst Thickness Maximum Overall Diameter Approximate Total Weight
AWG or kcmil AWG mil AWG mil in lb/kft
2 259 26 210 6 235 2.6 3205
1 259 25 210 5 235 2.7 3568
1/0 259 24 210 4 250 2.9 4039
2/0 329 24 210 3 250 2.9 4529
3/0 413 24 210 2 265 3.1 5228
4/0 532 24 210 1 265 3.3 5759

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